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Discord servers:


A platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War.
HUGE BATTLES - 100 players per game, 50 per team

COORDINATE - Win through teamwork, tactics, and communication

A NEW METAGAME - Capture sectors and resources to beat your enemy into submission

COMBINED ARMS - Over 20 different player-controlled vehicles and deployed weapons

EPIC THEATER OF WAR - Do battle across a 1:1 scale 4 kilometer-squared map

MORE THAN THE TWITCH - Supply, capture and building systems ​

EXPERIENCE HISTORY - Historically accurate arsenal with realistic weapon behavior

A MODERN ENGINE - Developed for Unreal Engine 4

Pre-order (PayPal)
This payment portal will run until November 15th, 2017.



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Dit is helemaal nice:
After achieving both the Foy and Hurtgen Forest stretch goals we were excited to unveil our early WIP images of both maps. The dense fog will make the frozen expanses of Foy a haunting battlefield, while the close quarters forest combat of Hurtgen will present a unique handicap to armored warfare.

We're also excited to show off the soon to be complete US machinegun - the M1919A6 Browning.

Dragon's teeth - How will you place them?
In Hell Let Loose, the German Engineer role will be able to deploy pre-fabricated rows of Dragon's teeth as a way of slowing the enemy advance. Their Supply cost is quite expensive though, so you'll need to make sure they're only deployed in critical locations.
These rows of concrete pyramids made up the core of any fortified line during the Second World War. Designed the force armor and mechanized infantry into prepared bottlenecks, Dragon's teeth required considerable preparation to make them feasible in combat.
wsLy schreef op woensdag 11 oktober 2017 @ 18:11:
Utah Beach map komt er ook in, ze zijn daarstraks de AU$203,550 gepasseerd :) Benieuwd hoever ze nog gaan komen en wat er allemaal in de toekomst nog toegevoegd zal worden.
Die is inderdaad binnen :)

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The War Drags Ever On!

Come hear the moon is calling, The witching hour draws near, Hold fast the sacrifice, For now it's the time to die, All hell breaks loose, WITCHING HOUR!

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Nog een AU$10.000 tot St. Mere Eglise map :)

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Stichting Hobbyserver

Hürtgen Forest is well on it's way, what do you think?

Thanks to your support we've just hit our Sainte-Mère-Église stretch goal! We're thrilled to strike both armored recovery vehicles and the new urban-warfare map off the list of accomplished stretch goals as we head into the final three days of the Kickstarter.


The team has been hard at work since the Kickstarter was successfully funded. We are excited to begin showing you the fruits of our labor.
Do you know what iconic World War two vehicle this is?

Capable of ferrying some 2 ½ tons of men and material and tackling the toughest terrain, the 6x6 GMC CCKW (better known as the “deuce-and-a-half”) entered service in 1941 and played a pivotal role in sustaining the united states army throughout the European theater of operations.

Will you use the “deuce” to punch quickly across enemy lines or will you focus on reinforcement and resupply?

In Hell Let Loose the it will prove to be a powerful asset offering platoons the ability to move large numbers of men and supplies quickly across the battlefield.
Entering service with the German military in 1937 the Opel Blitz quickly proved itself both reliable and versatile. With over 95,000 eventually produced it became the backbone of German military power during World War Two, seeing action from the French bocage to the Great Steppe.

In Hell Let Loose the Blitz will give players the ability to tangibly influence the battlefield, as they swiftly convey men and material to areas of need.
Nieuwe clip:


En screens:

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corset schreef op zaterdag 3 februari 2018 @ 10:56:
ziet er goed uit! ik vraag me alleen af, hoeveel old war shooters kan je hebben..,

Hell let Loose
Battlefield 1

Ik vraag me af wat deze games zo uniek maakt, wat er voor zorgt dat ze eruit springen in het steeds meer groeiende aantal WW1, WW2 etc shooters.
Voor mij is dat lijstje anders nog veel te kort hoor ;) :P

Maar het zijn allemaal verschillende games.

Een batallion 1944 is zoals een oude cod2/CS:go heel snelle gameplay met kleine maps.
COD:WW2 valt ook ongveer in dat straatje.

Een Hell let loose en een post scriptum zijn meer tactische games met een grote opzet. Deze gaan maps hebben van 4km groot (wat een flink stuk lopen gaat zijn te voet.

Hier zal je ook veel tactischer moeten werken (zoals nu de shooter Squad is bijvoorbeeld).

Een BF1 en Verdun etc hebben weer een iets grotere opzet dan de cod games maar het is en blijft een arcade shooter.
Weer een toffe dev video:



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Nieuwe map reveal "Hurtgen Forest" nu live op:


WIP, Shaders nog aan het laden etc etc....... Maar vast een sneakpeak:

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Hier nog wachtende op mail

vanavond mee aan de slag. heel de dag druk geweest met andere dingen + mooi weer :P

Paar potjes gespeeld :D

Meer screenshots

[Voor 62% gewijzigd door Paulus07 op 14-04-2018 23:38]

models en animaties zijn nog allemaal work in progress. Verwacht wel dat ze dit goed gaan krijgen en kunnen fixen :)

Voertuigen ben ik heel benieuwd naar maar als je nu met een goed team bent is het al erg tof. Het is inderdaad soms flink lopen maar met een goed team kan je dit prima afvangen door op de juiste plekken spawns te plaatsen :)

Mogen wel wat dode koeien bij in de velden. Is tevens ook wat extra cover :P
Maar hoorde gisteren in de stream dat ze daar wel mee bezig waren dacht ik.

Vanavond weer Frankrijk in :)
beebie121 schreef op woensdag 18 april 2018 @ 09:24:
Ik wil deze game graag met anderen spelen. Alleen mn vrienden hebben hem niet gebacked. Iemand die ik kan toevoegen op steam die ook wil spelen? (niet nu zit op mn werk :P)
mijn naam is Clavenger (of BeeBie121)
Je kan ook eventuele deze discord gebruiken
Daar zitten we altijd met een groepje nederlanders & belgen in via voice chat :)

en de HLL discord zelf:


Een groep is van plan 50v50 events te plannen voor HLL,


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Nieuwe bordjes! :P

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Nieuwe playermodels:

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Hurtgen is coming...
:loudspeaker: Hi everyone! :loudspeaker:

We are almost (once again) set to push this next update. As a team we always aim to deliver something that is fun to play and gives the best representation of our final vision. We want you all to be able to play HLL and know it's a lot faster to get you back in and help us test and bug find, but as we continue to develop we move fast and break things and have to manage this accordingly.

This is how we in-visioned the Closed-Alpha to be and so far it has really gone according to plan. We will now be able to analyze and gauge what the likely Early Access release month will be and will followup on this very soon.

All this being said when we do release the next update some aspects may not be perfect. Animations, sounds or game features still may not be indicative of that final vision, but we feel we are well and truly on the right track and development is full steam ahead as we start to grow the team and move towards EA.

We did some testing today and found some issues that are more annoying than actually game critical. So at this point it is still yet to be determined, but we hope by either the end of this weekend or the early start of next week we will be pushing the update. When we do we would love for all of you who have supported us, to jump in and play some HLL and help us work through and identify those critical bugs and test new features.
We will try and give as many hours/days notice as we can before we set the update live. We will aim to release a change log with new features and fixes in advance.

It has been really motivating for the team to see the level of interest and engagement from both within and outside of the community. We work trough a plethora of messages and emails on a daily basis and are still working through a backlog of these. As we are a small but growing team, we appreciate the patience everyone has shown and will make sure we prioritize and answer as many of these as we can.

Also there has been significant progress being made on our Hürtgen Forest, Foy and Utah beach maps which we will share some content about shortly.

But for now, look forward for more pew pew among the hedgerows!

The Black Matter Team
Juni update:

New tank crew model:

New features will be revealed in our Beta weekends as we approach our Early Access release.
Hi @everyone - A month has passed since the last little update above and what a busy month it has been! Adding key features, polishing all current mechanics, FX, SFX, animations, UI, HUD. We’ve been creating new environments, character models - all in preparation for our coming Beta periods.

@Max Will be following up with some changes we have made to Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, meanwhile here is a sneak peek!


En nog een teaser via twitter:

ennnn doorrrrrrr :)


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Kleine sneak peek van de developers:

[Voor 63% gewijzigd door Paulus07 op 20-08-2018 20:33]

Update 23/9/18
Hi @everyone - We are not far now from the much anticipated end of Q3, and we do have lots to share. We are very aware we have been holding back on official announcements and although this was a calculated decision, it has been excruciating for the team to keep an intentional lid on things. Thanks to everyone for the support and patience shown, we appreciate the hell out of it.

Over the next week we will begin to update all of our channels and forums to inform the entire community from our backers to our thousands and thousands of followers and supporters, of an impending #special_news_bulletin . Further and more frequent updates are to come in the very near future - We aim to be as open and transparent as ever, and can't wait to lift the curtains and let hell loose!

Cheers from the Black Matter team

Dit weekend 11 januari tot 14 januari is de closed beta! :D


list of Role loadouts:

Mocht je nog op zoek zijn naar NL&BE community:


Was weer nice en zag er opnieuw goed uit :D


Rest van screenshots

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Iedereen klaar voor morgen? De Beta staat voor de deur! :D

Zoek je nog mensen om mee samen te spelen? Join de discord via:

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beebie121 schreef op maandag 8 april 2019 @ 14:04:

Ik heb HLL al een tijd niet meer gevolgd, maar is dat een permanente beta? of alleen een weekend?
Wil hem best weer eens spelen eigenlijk.
Deze beta was enkel van 5 t/m 8 april. Maar er komen nog 2 beta's aan voor de Early Access release op 6 Juni 2019.
XWB schreef op maandag 8 april 2019 @ 14:06:

En, hoe speelt de beta?
Was weer goed. De ste marie du mont map blijft toch wel mijn favoriet boven de Hurtgen map :)
Er zaten nog bugs in etc, maar daar zijn beta's voor om te testen :)

Maar het was weer dikke fun :P

[Video: aaand it's gone]

En ziet er opnieuw erg nice uit:

Ik denk dat ik de map Foy ook wel tof ga vinden (mensen die Band of Brothers gezien hebben zullen het wel herkenen)

[Voor 9% gewijzigd door Paulus07 op 08-04-2019 14:25]

Schrijf maar alvast in je agenda:

April Closed Beta Details
We’re happy to share the news that the next Hell Let Loose closed beta is arriving at the end of April. Dates below:

Start date: April 26th
End date: April 29th

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teaser van de Utah map ;)

Meer screenshots:

:+ _/-\o_

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Bericht vanuit de developers:
It's D-Day........
I am currently investigating some issues re pre-order keys, apologies for this. We are working with Xsolla to resolve this asap, so don't worry I am on it! Thanks for your understanding and we will get these to you asap.

Meanwhile as a reminder to everyone else....

If you are an original backer of Hell Let Loose on Kickstarter or PayPal you will not recieve a new key, your original key will work and is your full game key. Please pass this message onto the community if you see people asking.

If you are waiting to get Hell Let Loose on steam, it will retail for approx 29.99 USD or the equivelant based on currency conversion and store price in your country.
Dus zodra je de keys hebt en de game live is, have fun! _/-\o_

En vandaag is het echt D-Day.

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Nieuw MG winter model:

Developer Briefing #28 - Early Access Launch, What's Next & Utah Underground!
Patch #2 - Live Now!

The most significant addition in this patch is the leaning mechanic! Players will now be able to lean around cover to observe or engage in combat whilst leaving less of them on show.

We just want to say thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on leaning, on this occasion it allowed us to bring the mechanic’s implementation forward and get it live!

Full patch notes that include weapon tweaks, quality of live improvements and more can be found below:

  • Leaning implemented (using Q and E). We will look at continued polish to this pending community feedback.
  • Maximum round length decreased from 120 minutes to 90 minutes. We are testing this as we currently find the final 30 minutes on an attrition battle highly fatiguing.
  • Aim can be steadied for all guns using left shift to better reward patience.
  • Projectile spread pattern changed for sniper rifles when un-scoped.
  • Tank coaxial and hull MGs have been limited to lower belt sizes (1000 to 250) in order to cut down on endless barrel-melting fire and to incentivise discretionary fire.
  • Assault class has additional grenades to make them more suited to a breaching/CQB role.
  • Suppression camera shake has increased violence to better match release-style.
  • Kar 98k bolt speed adjusted to remove frustrating delay.
  • Springfield bolt speed adjusted to remove frustrating delay.
  • LMG (M1919/MG42) one hit kill range increased and damage fall-off reduced.
  • Medic loadout updated to mirror layout across both teams.
  • Commander loadout updated to include smoke grenades.
  • Bleeding icon for players within 100m added for medic.
  • Profanity filter added to text chat (English only at present).
  • Additional optimisations to save on VRAM usage on some graphical settings.
  • Particle FX Optimisation in Foy.
  • Map retains zoom level from when last closed.
  • Toggle sprint option added.
  • Ambient cornering and momentum lean on player movement (this makes all sprinting look far more natural when a player is changing direction at range).
  • New STG44 animations to make firing less “floppy” and more satisfying when firing while ADS.
  • Changed crouch sprint speed for M1 Carbine to stop the “super fast running” in TPP.
  • Fixed an instance of ‘snaking’ (where a player appears to be prone and moving at run speed).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where artillery sometimes could not be rotated.
  • Fixed issue where supply drop was sometimes out of sync with plane.
  • Bloom change for tank crew so the viewports don’t become super bright in Foy.
  • Fixed issue where artillery could be invisible for some players.
  • Weapon hip DoF implemented to soften shapes near camera and to better blend lean (where geometry is very close to camera).
Community Servers
  • Map rotation added to RCon tool.
  • Audio changes to tank coaxial machine-gun.
  • Changes to collision for tanks in Foy to help alleviate snagging on fences and small props.
Known Issues
  • There may be some remaining snaking that we will pinpoint and isolate.
  • Some props and fences in Hurtgen and Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont are still impassable to tanks. We will be addressing this in Update 1.
Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea)
  • Making vaulting more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Additional RCON commands.
  • Unit management functions (kick/invite and lock).
  • Optimisations.
  • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting).
  • Bullet penetration.
  • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
  • Vehicles.
  • Flamethrowers.
  • More maps.
  • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
  • Broader animation systems.
  • Tweaking gunplay.
  • Updating all audio and SFX.
Following today's patch the team are now preparing for 'Update 1' coming in mid-July! Over the coming weeks we'll be starting to reveal more about the new content you'll be getting to grips with, so watch this space...

If you’re keen to follow along, you can see our roadmap below:

If you’re enjoying Hell Let Loose, you can help us by leaving us a review on Steam.

See you on the frontline!
We’ll be revealing more about what’s coming in tomorrow’s Developer Briefing....

See you on the beaches!

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Developer Briefing #36 – Tiger 1 First Look!
Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 36! This week we’re taking a first look at an upcoming addition to Hell Let Loose, the infamous Tiger 1!

The Tiger will be coming in a future update that will mark the arrival of the first Heavy Tank in Hell Let Loose. The USA equivalent will be coming slightly after that, so we look forward to seeing how the US armour and AT units adapt to this new presence on the frontline during the interim…

The Tiger’s roar

Weighing in at 54 tonnes and packing a devastating 8.8cm KwK 36, the Tiger 1 was a fearsome piece of German engineering. Those that could avoid the ire of the Tiger’s armaments would then have to contend with armour that could be as thick as 100-120mm in key locations!

Lees meer via de dev link op steam:
Omaha Beach, Normandy - Your next map!

Get a first look at our second beach map and discover how the upcoming ‘Offensive Mode’ will focus combat on the shore front itself in this Thursday’s Developer Briefing.
Donderdag meer info.
@InSanex je bent altijd welkom bij "Buiten de Zone" (NL&BE community)

Developer Briefing #42 - Omaha Beach!

Meer info en screenshots op:

@LankHoar is te vinden op oa de HLL discord, twitter, steam etc.

Update 5 – The Road to Carentan is live now!

New Map: Purple Heart Lane
US Heavy Tanks
New Marker System
Ongoing Optimisation
SFX Update Begins

Full patch notes:


Some will notice that crossing the Rivers on Purple Heart Lane marked RED on the map is near impossible on both foot, and in a Tank.

This is a very intentional map design, but are still working through some kinks.
You are either going to drown or get your Tank very stuck... we are working on ways to make this more obvious and stop tanks glitching etc.

Sooooo atm we recommend stick to the roads, if you are a foot soldier then you may find a way across that isn't a bridge if you are brave enough...

You've been warned, and should learn your lesson very quickly

Good luck fighting for control over those key bridges!

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20% Discount Live Now!

Hey everyone

Just a quick one to let you know that Hell Let Loose is currently 20% off in the Team17 Publisher Sale over on Steam!

If you're looking to get your friends or clan buddies onto the frontline now's a great time to do so.

We hope Patch 11 has gone down well, we've already started noting down your feedback!

See you on the frontline.

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Naast de steam sale ook even aandacht voor dit:

Gamers halen 9000 euro op voor Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek

Het Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek heeft het moeilijk in deze tijd.
Is en blijft een tof museum en zou zonde zijn als dat wegvalt.

En mocht je zelf ook wat willen doneren kan dat via:

Inmiddels staat de teller al op: €10,728 _/-\o_


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serenity now!

Xymox schreef op woensdag 22 juli 2020 @ 23:41:
Deze video heb ik in elkaar gezet om de maps in het spel te plaatsen op de authentieke locaties.
Zoals je ziet hebben de devs de maps zeer goed gemodelleerd naar de echte situatie.
Regelmatig de bekende plekken bezocht, en ik kan echt zeggen dat de maps spot on zijn.
Carentan ook, stond mijn thompson leeg te schieten op de plek waar ik vorig jaar bij 75 jaar D day nog voor veteranen stond te klappen...

Het weer in Halfweg

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Beavbusi schreef op woensdag 22 juli 2020 @ 10:04:
Jammer dat er zoveel performance issues zijn. Beetje de trent van nu ook , halfbakken games gewoon releasen en dan hopen dat met hotfixes het beter gaat. Vaak is er dan weer wat anders stuk :')

GoTBF3 Race topic! -- Battlelog - Battalion'44 Servers :10Slots Wartide - TDM =

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Even reclame maken voor een nieuwe Nederlandse server!



Play objective based!

No slurs or racial comments.

Use mics , this is enforced!

Speak English or Dutch!

Join the discord for more info:


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  • Pinned

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  • jeffo91
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Eergister ook voor het eerst als sniper gespeeld.
samen met een spotter de opdracht van de commander gekregen zo ver mogelijk in vijandelijk gebied te komen en ze zoveel mogelijk tegen te houden. Dit was echt intens!
snipen is heel anders dan al de andere FPS die ik gespeeld heb, ook icm een goede spotter was die prachtig.
schieten en direct verplaatsen machtig mooi

resultaat mocht er ook zijn, helaas net niet gewonnen maar wat een geniale game!

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New to the frontlines? Grab your field manual and read it through before you deploy. This new Community Player Guide will make you a true soldier on the fields of battle!

:xbox: Xbox:
:ps5: PS5:
:pc: PC:

Dit zou eigenlijk verplichte lectuur moeten zijn wanneer je het spel begint ;)

Prachtig uitgeschreven + geïllustreerde guide van mensen uit de community!

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McKnight schreef op dinsdag 26 oktober 2021 @ 10:46:
Gisteren wel opeens andere mappen. Hill 440 twee keer achter elkaar, ene keer gewoon andere keer offensive. Carentan komt gewoon niet voorbij om de een of andere reden.
Hill 440 is logischerwijs sowieso geen tankmap. 8 minuten rijden, aankomen om ondersteuning te bieden. En meteen uitgeschakeld door AT. Frustrerend maar hoort er bij.
Daarna weer door naar Normandië met een paar Engelsen in een Panther en Tiger, vaak doodgegaan maar zoveel lol en goede score behaald. We hadden wel een discussie over tanks en ik ben wel benieuwd wat de rest hier denkt.
Feitelijk heb je weinig verschil meer tussen de tanks. Tier 1,2,3 en het maakt niet uit of je Amerikaans of Duits bent (Russisch ken ik nog niet). Een Tier 3 heeft betere penetratie richting een Tier 2. Maar toch vind ik de Panther fijner vanwege de snelheid. Meningen?
Persoonlijk vecht ik liever met de Panther als de Sherman.. Die voelt wat mij betreft trager aan.

Gisteren wel een hilarische actie met onze truck.. Ineens konden we zelf niet meer sturen, hoe zou dat toch komen?

Developer Briefing #151 - PTE Inbound, Half-tracks and Community Content


  • Tom
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Die audio van de outpost is gewoon echt materiaal :)


  • InFamous
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Soms heb je van die dagen :p wel 3 easy kills :+

Formerly known as Ragdoll

  • justifire
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Shut up and squat !!

- Just1fire's gameprofile - It's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye ⊙

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  • Tom
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RoyK schreef op dinsdag 31 mei 2022 @ 16:31:

Als servers leeg lopen op een map zegt dat niets over realisme of dat het in het echt ook helemaal ruk was daar.. maar dat de menigte de map gewoon niet interessant vindt en liever een andere server op zoekt.


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  • Stef.NL
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Update 12 'Falling Dark' komt aanstaande dinsdag 19 juli uit voor PC. Remagen en night maps here we go :9~

Als het goed is krijgt de consoleversie binnen 1 week ook een quality of life patch waarmee hopelijk de grootste issues van na de laatste update worden verholpen. Zie voor meer info hierover:
Pagina: 1

Let op:
Superleuke en handige Gids voor nieuwe spelers:
- Reddit link (afbeeldingen)
- PDF Download (via Mega)

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    Tweakers genereert een willekeurige unieke code als identifier. Deze data wordt niet gedeeld met adverteerders of andere derde partijen en je kunt niet buiten Tweakers gevolgd worden. Indien je bent ingelogd, wordt deze identifier gekoppeld aan je account. Indien je niet bent ingelogd, wordt deze identifier gekoppeld aan je sessie die maximaal 4 maanden actief blijft. Je kunt deze toestemming te allen tijde intrekken.

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