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Solar installation Pitched bitumen roof - Suggestions

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Available (roof) space
7.6 metres in length and 5.1 meters in width
There is no roof edge so its pretty clean.
There is a ventilation pipe which casts shadow. But that's it.
Annual consumption
Around 3500kwh. I am looking forward to install a heat pump in future and maybe a EV as well but no definite plan yet.
Current electricity connection
Stedin together with Greenchoice
Budget and target
Rather than a fancy system i will put most efficient and economic one.
I was leaning towards micro inverters because of the hype and quotations but after reading here and also a lot about the shadow management system of the string inverters i am on the edge. Ideally it should be able to payback itself with out major issues. I am planning to put the full roof and what is doable is 16 panels.
No definite budget and i am looking to reduce cost as much as possible.
Who will carry out the project
After looking at the quotes i am planning to this myself (partially).
So using a dakdekker i am planning to install QS PV anchor 32 of them (recommended to is install every 1.4metres that's will bring me to 4 anker per rail and there are 8 rails so totally 32)

I have an electrician guy as well, so he will do the electrical work, need to put a main switch (dont know dutch name) in the meter kast and also planning to pull a 4mm 3 phase cable to the attic.

So my job is actually to mount the rails on the ankers and then do the wiring and put the panels and bring the wires to the attic.
Keeping data
Should be able to monitor and that's all.
Quotations already obtained
Got 3-4 quotations and 2 with micro inverters
One quote was 13500
Other one 7200 for 11 panels(they are against filling whole roof)

Other 2 are with string inverters Growatt
8K for 16 panels but no reply afterwards

other guy had an interesting offer 7.4K for 14 flexible panels of 420W. Its eArc SMF flexible panels.
After searching about i didn't get any positive feedback about it and also very less info about these panels.

Utrecht Terwijde

Coming to the questions :)

First thing is about the roof - I am pretty sure to go with the mounting ankers also from the previous experience i read. My house is from 2003 and i wanted to make it as safe as possible and this is why i think QS PV is the answer. Now this thing is expensive - around 1000 euros for the ankers and then 500 for installation from a local dakdekker. I am also planning to ask him to put the hose for the wiring to make it neater instead of pulling it from the ventilator pipe.

Now the probelm i see is that the materials itself. QS PV anker guys itself supply the ankers alone but there is is a circular clamp on the top which can be rotated to the rails which is not available anymore. _/-\o_ Other option i saw is with the complete package i can buy online from a place like Elektrobode. See the added items below but before placing order i called them and there is no stock and they say maybe 8 weeks so my search continues. PV Anker guys suggested i can use any system which i can connect to a 10mm rod. So many guys don't sell it to private individuals so i am still in search. Let me know any inputs in this manner.

Another issue is related to the mounting screws.I am not sure what is underneath the bitumen - insulation or a wooden pank. any idea how to find this out or drilling and closing is my only option?

also anyone here have experience with Boss cover? Looks so simple to me and looks like i can save 500 bucks in installation :)

Another question is

About the inverter situation. Above attached the sunnyboy system. I am looking at installing Jinko Solar 420watts N type (i can find it around 165 euros per panel) and its recommended me as per the pic above. What's this energy yield its mentioning, i am a bit clueless and i know about the suggestion of using an inverter under the max watt. So what should i buy 5.0, 6.0 or 8.0. Also what is your opinion about going cheaper inverters. Sunny by is also on expensive side and its on less availability but i can see a guy in marktplaats bringing it and he is having one 6.0 in stock and possibly a 5.0 in few weeks.

Going on micro inverter i still need to calculate the cost but even with micro inverters - the q cables are crazy expensive. So i am in doubt. I am hoping my shadow situation, only that ventilation pipe wont cause any issues.

So fat my expense in theroy -

Mounting of PV ankers and the kit - 1600 + 500 (because of my lucky roof)
Panels - 2650

If i choose any of these -

SMA 5.0 - 1575
6.0 - 1660
8.0 - 2050

Plus cables and electrical work. (i am yet to calculate)
Plus moving from 1 phase to 3 phase (385 euros for stedin)

So far the knowledge i got from here is amazing. thanks for that and also sorry for english.

I dont want to put the quotes here with pics. some are crazy asking me 4000 euros for just mounting on the bitumen roof. (instead i will just pay electricity bill) |:(

Another question is can i connect all these 16 panels in one string? Looking at the voltage situation of the SMA6.0 maybe i can do this? And what about the shading situation impacting this.

Also a 4mm cable should be good to connect?
I know so many questions 8)7 I will add in case i missed something ;)

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