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I want to buy a high profile computer

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  • Halle1968
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Animal lovers will always look for animal-related things in life, and the same premise is applied to games. Here, we will offer you with our most comprehensive list of fun and simple animal games. They are more than perfect for people of all ages with the hours of laughter and fun. Who doesn’t love playing with animals? Just raise your hands. Feel free to join animal-themed activities with a wide variety of different animals. Here we have some in the collection of games of animals in zoo- check out and play now.


Control the chicken gang correctly!

Let’s discover the secrets of this addictive adventure game! In this masterpiece, you will control various chickens to go their way into lands and collect loot. Chickens can be upgraded such as warrior, archer, miner or blacksmith with professional weapons. Try to gather as many materials as possible for the required upgrades. Avoid the annoying obstacles so that you and your squad can enjoy the adventure with fun. Can you complete the journey at ease and safety? Let’s see!


Being a little fox is not easy at all. This game is quite challenging but highly addicting for gamers in the world to join. This action adventure game will create the chance for you to explore the world of a fox. Travel among different planets, collect valuable gems, survive through the harsh climate, and many more. Watch out for dangerous terrains! We’re sure that no one wants to step wrongly. If so, your journey will end up there. Can you fight for survival till the end of the game?


Control the horse well in the field!

Here, you will enjoy a day in the life of a horse. Complete multiple tasks to help the good villagers in mini-games. Attend the races with various animals on the island. Utilize your life skills to live in the forest safely. Gain the experience through the performed tasks. Battle against others different animals and collect food too. Once you level up, the points earned can be used to attack others, purchase power-ups and life in the game. Utilize suitable skills to increase your speed.

Meet others creatures during the adventures on the island and the forests such as foxes, rabbits, deer, etc. Be careful of dangerous animals and protect the horse family from danger such as snakes, wolves, and others enemies.
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An elephant, a hare, and a mouse were bewitched by a wizard. Now, 3 animals form one strange creature with the ability to change their common shapes. In Shape Shifter, people will enjoy the joy of life to the fullest. Control the character with the arrow keys to move it around. Switch the forms by the number keys “1” “2” and “3”.


How many upgrades can you unlock?

Find your way to launch Olli ball as far and high as possible. This excellent Olli-mania game will offer you one-of-a-kind gameplay. Use the ducks to buy upgrades to collect materials and fly high. Good luck! This game belongs to the must-try game collection with adorable graphics.

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  • BerriedenBebber
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I use a computer desk configuration of about 73cm, and I find it a bit high. I can also use it to peel potatoes ;)

  • CH4OS
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It's a kind of magic

I want to earn a million dollars too. ;) This topic lacks a lot of required information;

- What's the budget?
- What are you going to do on the PC, which software do you want to use?
- If you want to game on it, on which resolution do you want to game, with which details and with which FPS?

  • sypie
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Hij wil een bureauopstelling kopen, niet een computer...

  • Uszka
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Neem DAA beleid even door en maak aan de hand van Handleiding Pricewatch een lijstje met wat je denkt nodig te hebben.

  • the___butcher
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Don't feed the troll...

  • CH4OS
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It's a kind of magic

Dat is ook wat overdreven voor iemand die zich (vandaag) geregistreerd heeft en net welgeteld 1 post heeft gemaakt, denk je ook niet?

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  • MAX3400
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XBL: OctagonQontrol

@Halle1968 gezien het "minder grammaticale Engels" en dat je DAA wist te vinden, neem ik aan dat je Nederlands leest en/of spreekt.

Een PC koop je met als uitgangspunt: budget, gebruikte software, levensduur en, voor sommige configuraties, werkresolutie.

Hoor graag wat je in gedachten hebt; ik kan je ook een PC van €5500 aanraden maar weet niet of dat teveel / te weinig is qua eisen.

Mijn advertenties!!! | Mijn antwoorden zijn vaak niet snowflake-proof

  • Hubert
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Decepticons 4ever!!!!

Halle1968 schreef op dinsdag 23 oktober 2018 @ 08:54:
I want to buy a computer desk configuration a bit high to be able to play games and can use the software design?
Ikea is your friend.

Together let us beat this ample field, Try what the open, what the covert yield.

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