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Welkom in het Session topic op GoT

Voor diegene die de hoop op een opvolger voor Skate 3 is verloren. De canadees ontwikkelaar creā-ture Studios is bezig met een volwaardig nieuw Skate spel, genaamd Session.

Momenteel loopt er een Kickstarter campagne om geld in te zamelen voor de ontwikkeling van extra features. Er is voor iedereen een prototype te downloaden.

The Studios

Here at creā-ture Studios, located in the surroundings of Montreal Canada, we try to do things differently. Not because we HAVE to, simply because making games doesn't seem to be what it used to. Formed by guys who got sucked in the AAA industry for probably too long... We strive at getting back to what videogames are to us. More than a product, a creā-tion, the achievement of an art form envisioned into something fun and interactive! Our goal is to bring high quality, detail oriented, entertaining, creative and original games to niche markets and to serve them the best we can with an inspiring mindset: creating games that will meet the needs, quality standard and requirements of the people who will play them. At the end of the day, it needs to be legit and fun.

The Project

Heavily inspired by the golden era and skate culture of the late 90s/early 2000s, Project: Session is an upcoming skateboarding game that is all about authenticity and creativity. For us, freedom of expression is the core of skateboarding and as such, we don't want our players to worry about how much point their tricks are worth. Instead, we are bringing forward a unique control scheme for our players to master. Something that will give them full control over their character's actions and a real sense of accomplishment. Project: Session is more than a simple third person game. Our camera system, inspired by the late 90's skate movies, gives the player a new and more dynamic perspective on their tricks and the opportunity to work on their very own in game Project: Session is a living project and will constantly be in development. This means new features will be developed and along the way in cooperation of the community; new tricks, more spots, more character customization, new game modes, filming, deeper multiplayer and much more. Join the new skateboarding generation!


  • Explore and navigate in a living growing open world and shred your secret dream spots.
  • No scoring system; Focus on what skateboard really is! If a handrail inspires you to do a backside lipslide, then so be it!
  • Dual stick controls: Each stick controls a foot to replicate authentic and intuitive skateboarding motion.
  • Balance system: In Session it’s not only a matter of getting on your grinds but it’s also important to work on finding the sweet spot in order to keep your balance, slide longer and have it steezy!
  • Play a movie: vhs-like checkpoint system. Rewind, Forward, Skip, Pause, Play your scene, replay and re-skate them until you are proud of it.
  • Day & Night cycle: Time to setup your spot lights! Whether you want to nail that rail gap as dawn light shines over the city, or are looking to tear up a pool at midnight, you can pick your prime skating time.
  • Skate and destroy; Street skate is how to read your environment and exploit it in any way you can imagine, whatever it takes to achieve what you envisioned. Cities aren’t built for skaters, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be skated.


  • Customization: Everyone’s unique, we know it but skaters need to show their colors. This is part of the skate culture and it’s no different in Session. From the type of the cap you wear, to the colors of your bolts, you'll have access to in-depth character and skateboard customization to show off your style!
  • Skater Progression: Session’s progression system rewards those who repeat, persevere and keep trying. The more you do your tricks, the more consistent you become, the higher the pop, the easier the catch will be and more!
  • Living & Growing Open World: Build a better tomorrow, with us! Session is built upon the concept of city hubs that will grow on a regular basis and evolve based on your feedback.
  • Real Life Legendary Spots: Every city hubs are directly inspired by real life cities with accurate and to-scale reproductions of their most legendary and best skate spots. Have a spot you want to see? Let us know! Session is the right place to be vocal.
  • Online Multiplayer: Skate with friends online, have a game of skate on the couch, film a big part with your filmer friends or simply go to your favorite secret hubba and have a session!
  • Filmer Mode: The filmer mode allows a second player to follow their skater friends online and film their performance live during the session. It also lets the player record movies easily while following their friends and find the best angles without feeling overwhelmed. It's designed to help the player feel like a professional cameraman, with presets such as auto-follow, auto target, optimal angles and much more.
  • Story Mode: Get out of bed, learn to skate, turn pro.
  • Steam Workshop: Create your own brands, your own skaters, levels and more, mod it good!

Official Video's:

Community Video's:

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De Kickstarter campagne loopt niet echt lekker. Na de eerste 10 dagen was het schot er uit en die is er niet meer ingekomen. Er zijn nog maar 9 dagen te gaan.

De stretchgoals zijn halverwege de campagne ook nog eens aangepast. Backers mochten stemmen en toen hebben ze het eerste bedrag maar even opgekrikt om dat de gekozen feature duurder was dan het originele stretchgoal.

Nu is nog niet ééns de eerste gehaald, dat was eerst $ 130.000,- Canadese dollars, de nieuwe is $ 155.000,- Canadese dollars. Ik ben bang dat dit een kleine Indie productie blijft op deze manier.

Niet geschoten is altijd mis.

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