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The show is a satire based on the FOX Television show Cops, which follows actual police officers through their daily duties. Reno 911! features members of a fictitious, inept Reno Sheriff's Department, videotaped in the course of their duties, sometimes addressing the camera directly as though being interviewed.

The show deals heavily in politically-incorrect and 'racy' humor, including many jokes about race, sexual orientation, drug and alcohol abuse, rape, and so on.

Lieutenant Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon)
He is the highest-ranking deputy in the department and is almost always seen wearing his trademark short-shorts, which he wears for 'mobility'.

The comedic theme of the character is that Dangle is gay. He openly harbors an attraction to Jones and occasionally flirts with suspects.

Dangle is a former maitre d' and member of the United States Coast Guard who was stationed in Hawaii and who was discharged from the Coast Guard for reasons undisclosed.
Deputy Trudy Wiegel (Kerri Kenney-Silver)
She is an emotionally unstable, heavily-medicated Caucasian-American. She is a hypochondriac, with multiple psychological disorders, occasional night terrors, suicidal ideations, and some signs of autism.

She is a generally odd, neurotic person with low self-esteem and a love for cats. She enjoys crafts, collecting baby clothes, and is infatuated with Lt. Dangle.
Deputy Sven Jones (Cedric Yarbrough)
He is an emotionally shallow smooth-talker who frequently channels his need for attention into sexually promiscuous behavior. He is often called "Jonesy" by his co-workers.

He is a horrible dancer, but a good singer with a wide vocal range (singing in either a deep baritone or a high-pitched, R&B-style falsetto) and works part-time as a stripper dressed in a police uniform.
Deputy Raineesha Williams (Niecy Nash)
She is a boisterous, obnoxious woman who enjoys abusing the power over men that her police authority affords her.

Williams' proudest possession is her enormous posterior. She often yells, "...Hahh?!?" for effect, after making a blunt statement.

She claimed to have broken-up with Jones, but she is only too happy to answer his booty calls. She often looks for ways to abuse the system to her personal advantage.
Deputy Travis Junior (Robert Ben Garant)
He is a stereotypical redneck who likes beer, NASCAR, firearms, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and perhaps most of all, his moustache. Junior trains police dogs for the department and is rarely seen without his trademark aviator sunglasses.

When working, he always wears his Kevlar vest over his uniform shirt (instead of under it, as one normally would); he has claimed that he forgets to put his body armor under his shirt because he is always hung over in the morning.
Sergeant Jack Declan (Ian Roberts)
He is the second in command after Lt. Jim Dangle, who Jack is often seen sucking up to. He is sometimes called "Captain Jack" by Dangle and the other deputies.

He appears confident and in control of himself, when compared to most of the other deputies. Despite his exterior display of confidence, he is extremely insecure, even at one point sobbing to himself in a stall in the men's changing room.
Deputy Frank Rizzo (Joe Lo Truglio)
He is from Ozone Park, Queens, where he has been banned from for undisclosed reasons that he takes full responsibility for. He has a long history in law enforcement, working in many cities across the country and is infatuated with Wiegel.

Like the other deputies, Rizzo has behaved unprofessionally multiple times, at one point soliciting prostitutes to perform oral sex on him and Jones during a drug sting, and even giving a classroom lecture that implied the torture of felons and criminals for information.

Deputies Garcia, Johnson, and Kimball did not return for the sixth season.
Deputy James Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui)
He was a racist, sexist, angry and depressed former Marine helicopter pilot.

Garcia is known to be violent when arresting suspects, perhaps as a result of his inferiority complex. He has shot multiple people, and occasionally uses his nightstick to beat suspects.

He has had brief relationships with deputies Johnson and Williams and it is implied that he harbors a homoerotic attraction to Kenny Rogers.
Deputy Clementine Johnson (Wendi McLendon-Covey)
She was a promiscuous, trashy, drug-friendly blonde who always wears her uniform partially unbuttoned, showing off her cleavage.

In the past, Johnson has been a magician's assistant, an exotic dancer, a Wiccan and a Steely Dan groupie. Her comment at a wedding about performing the night before for the bachelor party makes it clear she has an off-duty job. She has a tattoo on her back which once said Steed (a one-time boyfriend), later changed to Steely Dan after the relationship ended.
Deputy Cherisha Kimball (Mary Birdsong)
She was a pious, tough, no-nonsense cop who is basically the polar opposite of Dep. Johnson.

She is perpetually accused of being a lesbian, despite her denials when asked bluntly on several occasions. She is often asked for dates by lesbians. She spends her off-duty time with her church group (composed of male, Christian virgins), singing karaoke versions of old gospel songs.

Reno 911! seizoen 1 is begonnen op 23 juli 2003 in Amerika, hieronder het uitzendschema:
1x03Execution Tickets06-08-2003
1x04Clementine's Pregnant13-08-2003
1x05Jones Gets Suspended20-08-2003
1x06Help From the FBI27-08-2003
1x07Wiegel Suicide Watch03-09-2003
1x08Clementine Gets Married10-09-2003
1x09Garcia's Anniversary17-09-2003
1x10Burning Man Festival24-09-2003
1x11Dangle's Moving Day01-10-2003
1x12Terrorist Training (Part I)08-10-2003
1x13Terrorist Training (Part II)15-10-2003

Reno 911! seizoen 2 is begonnen op 9 juni 2004 in Amerika, hieronder het uitzendschema:
2x01Dangle's Promotion09-06-2004
2x02Wiegel's New Boyfriend16-06-2004
2x03British Law23-06-2004
2x04Dangle's Ex Visits30-06-2004
2x05Religion in Reno07-07-2004
2x06Firefighters Are Jerks14-07-2004
2x07Not Without My Mustache21-07-2004
2x08Security for Kenny Rogers28-07-2004
2x09More FBI Help04-08-2004
2x10Raineesha X11-08-2004
2x11Clementine and Garcia Are Dating18-08-2004
2x12Undercover Drug Bust25-08-2004
2x13President Bush in Reno01-09-2004
2x14Accidental Marriage08-09-2004
2x15Milkshake Man's Death15-09-2004
2x16Investigation Concluded22-09-2004

Reno 911! seizoen 3 is begonnen op 14 juni 2005 in Amerika, hieronder het uitzendschema:
3x01Reno S.D. In & Out of Jail14-06-2005
3x02American Dangle21-06-2005
3x03Cop School28-06-2005
3x05Eddie's Getaway12-07-2005
3x06The Prefect of Wanganui19-07-2005
3x07...And the Installation Is Free26-07-2005
3x08The Hot Tub King02-08-2005
3x09Garcia's Girlfriend09-08-2005
3x10The Hummer16-08-2005
3x11Crime Scene Idiots23-08-2005
3x12The One That Got Away30-08-2005
3x13Craig's Question (1)06-09-2005

Reno 911! seizoen 4 is begonnen op 9 juli 2006 in Amerika, hieronder het uitzendschema:
4x01Wiegel's Pregnant (2)09-07-2006
4x02The Junior Bros.16-07-2006
4x03Jet Ski Blues23-07-2006
4x04Rick's On It30-07-2006
4x05Spanish Mike Comes Back06-08-2006
4x06Son of a Chechekevitch13-08-2006
4x07The Investigation Continues27-08-2006
4x08Corporate Sponser01-04-2007
4x09Christian Karaoke Singles' Mixer08-04-2007
4x10Proposition C15-04-2007
4x11Reno Mounties22-04-2007
4x13Happy Anniversary06-05-2007
4x14Dangle's Wedding13-05-2007

Reno 911! seizoen 5 is begonnen op 16 januari 2008 in Amerika, hieronder het uitzendschema:
5x01Jumping the Shark16-01-2008
5x02Tommy Hawk23-01-2008
5x03Kevlar for Her30-01-2008
5x04Mayor Hernandez06-02-2008
5x05Coconut Nut Clusters13-02-2008
5x06Back in Black20-02-2008
5x07Undercover at Burger Cousin27-02-2008
5x08The Wall05-03-2008
5x09Death of a Pickle-Thrower22-05-2008
5x10Baghdad 91129-05-2008
5x11Tanning Booth Incident05-06-2008
5x12Strong Sister12-06-2008
5x13Wiegel's Dad Returns19-06-2008
5x14Junior Runs for Office26-06-2008
5x15Undercover Acting Coach03-07-2008
5x16The Parade10-07-2008

Reno 911! seizoen 6 is begonnen op 1 april 2009 in Amerika, hieronder het uitzendschema:
6x01Training Day01-04-2009
6x02Extradition to Thailand!08-04-2009
6x03Digging With the Murderer15-04-2009
6x04Dangle's Murder Mystery (Part I)22-04-2009
6x05Dangle's Murder Mystery (Part II)29-04-2009
6x06We Don't Want the Pope06-05-2009
6x07VHS Transfer Memory Lane13-05-2009
6x08Helping Mayor Hernandez20-05-2009
6x09Getaway Trailer27-05-2009
6x10Stoner Jesus03-06-2009
6x11Deputy Dance10-06-2009
6x12Viacom Grinch17-06-2009
6x13The Midnight Swingers24-06-2009
6x14Secret Santa01-07-2009
6x15Wiegel's Couple's Therapy08-07-2009

Reno 911! is niet door Comedy Central vernieuwd voor een nieuw seizoen.

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5 - Reno 911!

Voor op- en aanmerkingen of extra informatie voor in de topic start kun je me een Direct Message sturen of het plaatsen in dit topic.

Dit is een topic voor nieuwe afleveringen, dat zijn dus de afleveringen die in de U.S. worden uitgezonden. Je mag hier dus naar hartelust babbelen zonder spoiler tags. Dus als je nog niet up-to-date bent met de serie, let er dan op dat er spoilers kunnen staan.

Alle dingen over de nog niet in Amerika uitgezonden episodes wel tussen spoiler tags, dus ook quotes van nieuws items.

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Ik vind nog steeds S06E07 VHS Transfer Memory Lane een van de betere afleveringen die ook een heleboel dingen uit eerdere seizoenen verklaart.

Ook leuk dit seizoen met 2 nieuwe agenten en natuurlijk is Cindy the Sex Slave ook een leuke toevoeging :P

Wiethoofds meuk en 'overige'

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