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Hakuna Matata


Door KeeZ - Tuesday 29 October 2002 14:28

- spel draait goed op 1200 MHz & GF2 GTS
- 21 Januari staat nu vast als releasedate (let op !! voorlopig)
Filmpje van de game

Over at the Generals forums Shanahan has posted up more info on the Generals beta test! Here's what he said:

Shanahan - EAP
Supreme Commander
Member # 58

Just like a woman, a pre-release version of the game can be VERY tempermental

Until I am 100% sure that it's ready to go I am trying not to say "ok tomorrow"..."err, I mean the next day" then " REALLY today for sure!" and have you guys be even more frustrated.

I will keep you updated as much as possible so you guys are in the loop, and not feeling like you are on the outside looking in.

We have folks that spent their entire weekend working 16 hours days making fixes, so be patient it will be soon....I know that easy for me to say...I get to play the game everyday, but trust me I understand your eagerness to play!


We should have the beta soon! I can't wait =)

Veel gestelde vragen.

Wanneer komt Generals nou uit ?
-Er word gezegd eind dit jaar
Wat voor machine heb je nodig om Generals te spelen?
-een 800Mhz met een Geforce2 (of vergelijkbare)
Is Generals vergelijkbaar met eerdere strategie spellen van Westwood
-Er zullen kleine herkenbare dingen in zitten maar voor de rest is het niet vergelijkbaar
Hoeveel missies zullen er in Generals zitten
-30, 10 voor elke zijde
Komt er een map-editor in Generals.
-Ja en deze word een weken voor de release van Generals uitgebracht.

-De menubalk zoals in Red Alert zal ipv rechts nu onderin het beeld zitten
-Het menu zal niet meer constant in beeld zijn, als je iets wilt doen moet je een unit/gebouw aanklikken zodat je de functies van deze in beeld komen. (dit zal misschien doen herinneneren aan Dune of Starcraft)
-Er zullen 4 ranken van units zijn waarvan Elite de hoogste dit beïnvloed de snelheid en vuurkracht van de unit onder andere.
-Harvesten zal ook weg zijn i.p. hiervan zul je een depot moeten veroveren (misschien bouwen) en units hierheen sturen om recources op te halen
-Infanterie zal meer vuurkracht hebben en zo ook Superwapens
-Er zal een air to air in real 3D in zitten

-Generals zal draaien op een 3d-engine genaamd Sage
-Alles in het scherm zal echt 3d zijn, explosies terrein gebouwen units etc.
-Verschil in hoogte van het terrein zal het zicht en snelheid van units beïnvloeden.
-Mooie explosies, vuur en rook, units zullen een stofwolk achterlaten als ze voortbewegen.
-Vrije camera stand, zoom en rotatie.
-Hoge kwaliteit schaduwen van elk object.
-Allemaal soorten omgevingen, onder andere steden, woestijnen, ijzige omgeving en bossen.
-Varieërende tijden van de dag, onderhet spelen kan deze veranderen (de engine is daartoe in staat.
-De engine ondersteunt ook reflectatie en dynamic lightning, en volgens sommige geruchten is de engine ook in staat functies als pixel shaders toe te passen.

The 3D technology that will power the game is called Sage. The game's engine has been in development for nearly a year and a half at EA Pacific. This is a brand-new 3D engine would be more beneficial for Generals. The Generals team is considering using a thermal-imaging effect to represent units that are behind solid objects and structures, and Sage will allow them do that. Missions that take place during different times of day will also be a possibility in Generals, thanks to dynamic lighting that casts realistic shadows and impressive reflections on most objects.

Introductie :
At the beginning of 2022 superpowerism had graced many a nation including China and the United States, the Chinese communist state had shed its old traditional looks, and had become the slick modern nation of the day. China saw itself as an almost indestructible force on the globe and Chinese politicians shrugged off warnings about the terrorist network the Global Liberation Army, or as they are more commonly known, the G.L.A. China was safe from the vengeful G.L.A. for a while, basic military intelligence was able to prevent a vast majority of the G.L.A’s terrorist attacks and further increase the Chinese nation’s false sense of security. However it was not long before the G.L.A. became more advanced in their attempts to terrorise the Chinese superpower, these attempts were no longer futile and China finally had to acknowledge the G.L.A’s capability. However some Chinese politicians may be correct in saying its too late, with G.L.A. terrorist cells appearing all the time and the inability of China to combat them, China may face complete annihilation.

As G.L.A. forces in the south of China push north, China realise its time to bring out the big guns. The 4,000,000 strong army that China has amassed over the years is finally going to be put to work fighting the G.L.A. head on. As the war between the G.L.A. and China escalated into a direct war the G.L.A. began to lose ground, they could not compete with the Chinese war machine. Other means were needed to combat the communist state. The G.L.A. produced many Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles, armed with Third Generation Biological Warheads in an attempt to hit China at its heart, its people. China soon became a biological wasteland as attacks on China increased in number and destructive power, with hardly any way of striking back with such force and ferocity China knew something had to be done. China began to amass its own I.C.B.M’s however these were equipped not with biological hardware, but the warheads contained on China’s I.C.B.M.’s were of a nuclear intrinsically. However before the use of this new piece of military hardware had begun other major developments in the war with the G.L.A. were unfolding, apparently it wasn’t just China they were after, I.C.B.M’s also armed with Third Generation Biological warheads were launched by the G.L.A. into US territory, however before these missiles could detonate, the American SBBPLASDA, or Spaced Based Boost Phase Laser Armed Satellite Defensive Architecture was able to come into effect, with a successful hit on all the I.C.B.M’s aiming for US territory, the accuracy and the ability of the SBBPLASDA was flawless, however something was overlooked. The warheads were not properly constructed and leaked toxic bio-chemicals into the atmosphere, infecting large parts of the globe with the warheads intended sting. The US pushed itself straight into the war flexing its military muscle straight away with the use of formerly top secret military hardware such as the Aurora Fighter Jet, however this has caused the G.L.A. to be as much at war with the US, as they are with the Chinese.

Recent intelligence reports show the true intentions of the G.L.A., revenge. A brief look into the G.L.A’s history shows how they have been ignored and dispensed at other peoples will, mainly by large powerful nations such as the US and China. The G.L.A. are definite extremists who want for the world to be under their twisted control and for the abolishment of superpowerism. However the reasons for their cause can be comprehended.

That brings us to the present day, the G.L.A. are as powerful as ever and the USA and China are preparing for major military strikes on G.L.A. terrorist cells. You have a choice, which army will you become the field General for? You must command your chosen forces and fulfil your goal.

De zijden die je kunt zijn:
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: One of the largest powers, both militaristic, and political, the United States were forced into the war. With the rapidly growing terrorist army known as the Global Libertarian Army, America had to keep and protect what was hers, so in return, the American army grew. When terrorist activities started in Asia, America, along with other European nations, unapproved of the brutal attacks on China. The GLA quickly retaliates and sends biochemical missiles to the United States. Yet America counteracts the threat by sending antiballistic missiles and successfully destroy the warheads. Yet the threat and attack on America begins a flame of hatred which evolves into a huge fire. America, of course, strikes back against the evil GLA forces. You will be taken to various locations to fight the Global Libertarian Army. The operations you will encounter will include a type of "Black Hawk Down" style of missions, as stated by Mark Skaggs, one of the lead producers that is working on CNC: Generals.

CHINA: As like the United States, China has been building up their military and political status. They have put the many years of communism in the past, and has worked on the future of the glorious China. China wants to show the world its power, yet one thing is holding it back, the quickly growing powers of the Global Libertarian Army. Based in central Asia and southern China, the GLA has been making terrorist attacks on China, and they are moving fast into the heartland of China. The GLA forms various clans, making the Chinese government send their military to crush the terrorist. Yet whenever this happens, more clans form, and every time they appear, they have already pushed further north into China. The GLA also has access to Chinese weapons, which makes it difficult for China to control and destroy the terrorists. Unaware of the Global Libertarian Army's next move onto China's soil, the Chinese government must act fast to eliminate any terrorist groups in and near China's borders. If China doesn't want to become nuclear testing grounds and the GLA's next colony, China must destroy all Presence of the GLA.

THE GLOBAL LIBERATION ARMY: These terrorists are seen as the 'bad guys' in the world. Yet they are being kicked out of what they feel is their lands. This large terrorist network that is spread through most countries in the world, are evicting their anger on the world's largest and richest countries, the United States, and China. The GLA starts to test biochemical warheads on China. This starts a series of biochemical attacks on the United States and China. In retaliation to the attacks, China and America both send their forces to neutralize the GLA. Yet it is almost impossible to stop the large terrorist networks hidden throughout the globe. As the GLA's leading general, you will be the head of the world's largest terrorist threat. You will be putting funds into biochemical and nuclear arms to destroy your enemies. You will also face off and attempt to defeat your worst enemy, China.

De verschillende generalen en hun voordelen
Here is all the info we have on the different generals in the game. When you start a mission you will be asked to chose betwean one of three generals unique to your side.

US Generals:

NATO Tank General:
Handicap your production of airplanes
Receive a unique rechargeable area-of-effect ability that repairs all tank units that are within its range
Gives players the ability to build the Leopard tank.

US Air Force:
Will let players build a unique stealth fighter, which has antiradar missiles that are especially effective against defenses like SAM sites and antiaircraft batteries. However, it is almost defensless against other aircraft.
This specialty also gives players the "daisy cutter," which is dropped from a B-52 and does an incredible amount of damage to a concentrated area.
You can take over enemy planes by making them land at your airport.

Special Forces:
Give you the unique pathfinder unit (like an Army Ranger with a sniper rifle)
The unit will have camoflage.
This command include a paradrop and the ability to shut down the power to an enemy's base for 30 seconds.
The ability to train commandos.

Chinese Generals:
Red Army General:
Has heavy firepower and artillery.

Super Weapons General:
Specializes in defense.

Secret Police General:
Allows you to attack your ememies infrastructure through computer hacking.

GLA Generals:
Terrorist Cell General:
Gives you the capability to hide right under your enemies noses and suddenly appear to destory their base.

BioWar General:
Specializes in "scorched earth tactics, burning down anything that he can't infect with anthrax"

Warlord General:
Allows you to have units that are fast, bulky, and units that regenerate.

[/b]Voorsproefje Generals World generator[/b]

De superwapens
Name: Satellite Laser
Status: Confirmed
Faction: USA
Description: A global satellite system, similar to that of the star wars program, armed with lasers that have pinpoint accuracy. This satellite laser has a sustained attack that will paint a path of destruction.

Name: Demoralizing Superweapon
Status: Unconfirmed
Faction: USA
Description: Little is known about this superweapon. It is supposed to demoralize enemy troops so that the POW truck can go and pick them up and get them back on the right side in the POW camp. It may have been cancelled for all we know but until we can confirm that, we have no choice but to include it in the list.

Name: Carpet Bombing, Daisy Cutter Bomb - Fuel Air Bomb
Status: Confirmed
Faction: USA
Description: It has recently been confirmed that the US Air Force General has two air-attack abilities that recharge over the course of about 10 minutes, a fire bomb attack and a cluster bomb attack, both of which are launched by low-flying B-52s. In the picture, on the left you can see the B-52 having dropped the daisy cutter bomb (which is some kind of cluster bomb as far as we can tell).

Name: A-10 Thunderbolt Strike
Status: Confirmed
Faction: USA
Description: There isn't much information on this ability/superweapon. It is supposed to be an air strike that the Tank Command general can call in to devastate enemy bases and armoured units.

Name: Mig Napalm Strike
Status: Confirmed
Faction: China
Description: It's a special ability/superweapon of the Red Army General. Mig aircraft come down upon enemy units, releasing their load of napalm, torching everything in their path. Quite effective.

Name: Nuclear Strike
Status: Confirmed
Faction: China
Description: A tactical nuclear warhead is launched from the Chinese silo causing massive destruction on the target and its surrounding area. The explosion will spread and even destroy terrain objects such as trees.

Name: Scud Storm
Status: Confirmed
Faction: GLA
Description: A GLA superweapon. The Scud Storm isn't very accurate, but it will destrory nearly anything it hits. When the weapon becomes available, you receive three rockets that you can fire anywhere on the map. These rockets may miss their targets by a small amount of tiles and can also be shot down by surface-to-air missiles. Each individual rocket does lots of splash damage and releases a deadly nerve gas that will damage/kill nearby infantry units.

Name: Viral Outbreak
Status: Confirmed
Faction: GLA
Description: An area-of-effect superweapon that causes targeted enemy vehicles and infantry to slowly take damage and move at half-speed.

Name: Particle Cannon
Status: Unconfirmed
Faction: USA (?)
Description: This structure ?!? is seen in some older Gamespot videos but it is said to exist and probably act as a superweapon for the US faction (there are some assumptions that this is actually the orbital satellite laser). It might also be a defensive structure, nobody knows for sure at the time (although Harvard Bonin implied that the cannon is a weapon of mass destruction). We'll update you accordingly as we receive more accurate information.

Name: Electromagnetic (EMP) Pulse
Status: Unconfirmed
Faction: Unknown
Description: This superweapon (?) was mentioned by Harvard Bonin, in a recent chat session. Nothing is known about it at the moment and we can only assume by its name that it will act in a similar way the EMP Pulse acted in Tiberian Sun (it disabled vehicles for a short amount of time). We'll update you as we receive more accurate information.

Random screenshots:

Voor meer screenshots en grotere versies kijk hier
sorry voor de belabberd kleine screenshots, dit komt omdat ik de bbcode niet zo goed beheers |:(
Wat denken de bladen etc er van

The Command & Conquer series has always been one of the RTS standards, with many copycats trying to compare themselves to what C&C has done so well -- namely, a cool story, interesting units and a lot of replayability. The latest incarnation of the series is Generals, and EA Pacific invited us in to give the single-player game the once over to see what we thought. The immediate conclusion is that Generals should add a few new wrinkles to the genre that will leave RTS wannabes again nipping at their heels.

PC Gameplay

C&C Generals gives you three campaigns, each with ten missions. You can play as an commander of the high-tech army of the USA, as commander of the less advanced, but great in numbers; China or as leader of the always thinking GLA, that without knowledge of the Chinese army seems to can use it’s weapons. For each of the three groups, you can chose a sort of leader or general.

PC Zone

All in all, Command & Conquer: Generals is sounding very impressive - it looks pretty nice too! We've been waiting for some time to see Westwood Studios claw its way back to the top of the RTS developer pile, and Generals could well be the title that gives it back its crown.

Dit zijn er 3 van de zovelen.

Lees dit: even om te zien hoe je het spel via VPN kan spelen.

C&C Generals sites

[Voor 2% gewijzigd door The Will op 09-02-2003 22:49]

Soms zit het mee, Soms zit het tegen.

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Flying Rukia ^_^

hier zijn weer een aantal nieuwe screenshots

misschien kan je ook in nederland spelen >:)

Sometimes human's are...

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Flying Rukia ^_^

op staat dat de cd nu aan het binnen komen zijn :9

hier is het grote plaatje:

Sometimes human's are...

  • TheAngel
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en ja hoor mensen hij liegt niet, hij vroeg of ik dit plaatje voor hem wou posten omdat hij nu aan het spelen is.

De Tweakers Wildstar Beta lijst vind je hier

Anoniem: 34030

natuurlijk lieg ik niet :P maar ik ben nu ff screens aan het uppen...ze komen er zo aan......

:9~ 8) 0+

1337 he 8)

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eff wat gauw screens genomen :P

  • mduijvendijk
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Flying Rukia ^_^

Ik heb op een plaatje gevonden van de Generals doos:

Sometimes human's are...

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Flying Rukia ^_^ heeft 3 verschillende generals dozen op de website staan.

Ik weet alleen niet welke er in europa wordt gebruikt en of zel wel allemaal worden gebruikt. ?!

[Voor 4% gewijzigd door mduijvendijk op 30-12-2002 17:34]

Sometimes human's are...

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Flying Rukia ^_^

the countdown has begun ;)

twee plaatjes van

[Voor 78% gewijzigd door mduijvendijk op 09-01-2003 08:15]

Sometimes human's are...

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Flying Rukia ^_^

op staat dat de dozen van de gla en china alleen als colectors item te koop zijn.

op staan de volgende plaatjes van een single player missie

Sometimes human's are...

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Deze plek is te koop.

Anoniem: 69767 schreef op 20 januari 2003 @ 14:31:
Er zijn weer nieuwe screenies van C&C Generals, volgens mij zijn ze gemaakt vanuit de retail versie, die kennelijk in China al verkrijgbaar is:


Zouden we net bij als Simcity 'm nu erg snel in ons winkeltje kunnen vinden?
ik denk niet dat dit de retail versie is..... EA zou toch wel zn geheimen veilig kunnen houden :?

als je even verderop bij de screens kijkt... zie je ook deze screenshot :

dat zegt imo al genoeg....

[Voor 20% gewijzigd door KeeZ op 20-01-2003 17:03. Reden: pic...]

Deze plek is te koop.

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Dit ziet er wel indrukwekkend uit!: http://www.renegadegenera...battleship_in_action2.jpg
nog maar wat plaatjes :9

[Voor 52% gewijzigd door Yalhambra op 21-01-2003 15:34]

  • Cougar
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ben nu aan het installen maar go zo Zzz..

morgen meer screenies :)

  • Remi
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Hier zijn nog wat screens voor de mensen die ze willen zien. Het zijn allemaal thumbnails, klik op het plaatje voor het orgineel van 1024*768. :)
Anoniem: 69767 schreef op 06 February 2003 @ 10:00:
Ik heb een Pentium-III 1Ghz met 512MB maar dit spel zal dus nooit bij mij kunnen draaien :(

Waar ik erg benieuwd naar ben is de AI...Kan iemand hier op commenten? Bij alle C&C zou de AI continu weer beter zijn, maar het bleven nog altijd slechte scripts, waarbij het uit eindelijk bij alle C&C's altijd maar neer kwam op basestorm (met zoveel mogelijk units de basis overspoelen). Weinig echte taktiek dus. Als dat opnieuw niet verbeterd is, wacht ik wel af op een ECHTE strategische RTS.
Zover ik heb kunnen zien is die nog steeds hetzelfde, ik hoef alleen maar een berg units te bouwen en dan kun je eigenlijk niet meer verliezen.

[Voor 22% gewijzigd door Remi op 06-02-2003 10:53]

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De AI is ook een stukje beter geworden :o

  • Remi
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  • Laatst online: 17-06 11:46



Hier zijn nog 2 mooie screenies :)


  • Remi
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  • Laatst online: 17-06 11:46



Nog 6 screenies van de scene waar de dam word verwoest. :)

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ik heb een screenie gemaakt voor de geinteresseerde @1920X1440X32@6XAA|16XFSAA
ik kan alleen nergens een jpg van 500Kb uppen :)

zelfde plaatje maar dan iets kleiner :)

[Voor 32% gewijzigd door op 08-02-2003 00:02]

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hier toch wat screens, genomen op 1600x1200x32, max detail, 6X FSAA en 16X Anisotropic:

sorry voor het verkloten van de lay-out maar ik weet niet hoe ik thumbmails moet maken (staat niet in de faq, dus dat er ff inkomen?) dus kan 1 van de modjes dat ff fixen voor me...

[Voor 27% gewijzigd door Anoniem: 69713 op 08-02-2003 00:36]

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Nibble schreef op 08 februari 2003 @ 00:49:
Dit meen je niet!.. tering wat een lelijk menu.
De graphics lijken echt teruggevallen naar 3 jaar terug!
Kijk die verhouding eens tussen dat poppetje en die icbm! :D
sorry mannen.. maar ik ben er steeds meer van overtuigd dat het de verkeerde richting op is gegaan na tiberian sun. c&c was goed, red alert ook, tiberian sun super, maar red alert 2 was al een heeeeel stuk minder, en generals lijkt ook terug te zakken.
Ik weet niet was het is met die mannen daar, maar het lijkt wel of ze zichzelf niet eens meer serieus nemen. Of de tijd ervoor nemen .. of of. .ik weet niet wat het daar is, maar er komt de laatse tijd alleen maar bocht uit.
Ik heb ze tot redalert2 allemaal officieel in de kast staan, maar deze komt daar ABSOLUUT niet bij.
Hehe je moet inderdaad niet te ver inzoomen op de mannetjes.. voor de gein:

Btw 2 paginas terug staan 2 pics met boten .. nog geen boot gezien :(...ja heb wel ull dit gedsable dop maps zonder water? (hm hier ook geen boot met oceaan grmbl..)

[Voor 9% gewijzigd door Tys op 08-02-2003 01:08]

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Zo voor de mensen die het spel nog niet hebben hier weer eens wat nieuwe FOTO's

Even een mooie Actie van een toren die boven op een paar tanks val

Zo hier het opblazen van een chemolab :)

IK heb het spel nu een uurtje zitten spelen maar ik moet zeggen het ziet er allemaal goed uit
en het loopt ook soepel , af en toe met overgang van movies naar spel is het wel eens een schokje.
maar dta mag de pret niet drukken .

Maar al met al is dit een goed spel ..

Systeem: Ryzen 9 3900X,RTX 2070 ,32GBVeng,Asro X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 , Windows 11 Pro 64bits

  • ravw
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Zo hier even wat kleine foto 's van een NUKE

ZO even NUKE maken :)

Geloof dat hij klaar is :)

Even richten >:)


Zo de rest even af maken met Overlord tanks :)

En dan :)


Systeem: Ryzen 9 3900X,RTX 2070 ,32GBVeng,Asro X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 , Windows 11 Pro 64bits

  • NaWA
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Hai, I Copy desu!

Net ff een multiplayergame online gedaan...
Wel niet netjes dat ze op de BIG WEAPONS geen limiet gezet hebben oid...

dan krijg je dingen zoals:

1) 2 tegelijkertijd gelaunchde nukes

plaatje groot:

2) en incoming, veeg die basis maar van de kaart >:)

plaatje groot:

3) en check eens rechts bovenin hoeveel nukes 1 persoon heeft >:) >:)

plaatje groot:

owh en de AI is ook niet echt groot...
Brutal Army lijkt namelijk meer "het-wegrennende-sissy-army"

[Voor 9% gewijzigd door NaWA op 09-02-2003 01:22]

FFXIV: Flandre Scarlet',Sargatanas XIVPADS

  • BADgoofy2000
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Loopt hier perfect op full detail 1024*768
Athlon 1,33ghz
geforce 3
512 DDR

Nog ff een screenshotje van een fuelbomb

Originele plaatje hier

Anoniem: 61113

Even een atoombommetje erop:

Die Nuke Cannons zijn ook erg leuk..

  • StarLite
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  • Laatst online: 12-06 21:44



multiplayer is zeer laggy, maar het gaat wel via VPN 8) 8) 8)

tyrips, tywreps, tiewreps, tiereps, tie raps, ripties, taiwraps, kabelbindbandjes » Tie Wraps

  • BADgoofy2000
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  • Laatst online: 01-07 13:57
Screenshotje nog maar ff dan :P

Tomahawk system online

originele plaatje
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