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i need help to overclock my cpu! (i59600kf)

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new PC from someone and these are the specs:

i play on 144hz monitor, MSI optix G241
cpu: i59600KF
motherboard: gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro Wifi
2x8GB Hyper X fury predator RGB 3200 MHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 TI cerburus 4GB
cpu cooler: Enermax liqimax 240 RGB
i have like 8 fans around the compenents
RGB Auorus SSD 265 GB
Power supply: Aero cool luxx plus RGB 650W

Im just curious if my CPU works well also. The PC is as new so i hope everything works well.

I'd like to overclock my CPU since its on stock 3,7 Ghz, i'd like to boost it up a little bit @ gaming in CSgo, and some other FPS games. So im curious on how far i can push this CPU to and how the temperatures will remain. So if there is someone that can help me out on how to properly overclock this CPU i'd really appreciate it.

Some i59600KF seem to be reaching 5Ghz but yea i guess ill start slowly and i'd already be happy with like 4,8 ghz to start with.

I have uploaded some pics of my BIOS and i have tested a few things, for example i pressed the Enhanced Multi Core performance and putted enable, so it would run all cores, and it did run @ 4600 MHz i saw, i did not touch anything else like the voltage etc. The only negative part it reached like 86degrees on CSGO and it seems like it was too hot. I gamed on it for like a hour and then turned it back to normal.

So the voltage was like on picture BIOS 6, except that i enabled the Enhanced multi core performance. and seems to be reaching very high temps in CSGO.
My question now is should i have adjusted the Voltages aswell or was this a normal move what i did? im ofcourse not a experienced overclocker so im not sure what im doing :)

Also on the bios on the first option i can adjust the CPU Upgrade to Default, Gaming, Advanced, on default its 3,7, gaming 4,3, advanced 4,6
Should i be changing my voltage if i do this? or does this gigabyte mobo do that automatically?

I have uploaded pics aswell bios1 to 6

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