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Aan deze topicstart wordt nog gewerkt. Verwacht meer info later!

Voor nu in ieder geval deze video:

Meer info over Warcraft 3 Reforged hier:

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MMO-Champion heeft tijdens Blizzcon nog een interview gehouden met het Warcraft III reforged team:
  • Beta
    • There will be a beta before release. There is no set date yet, but most likely in the spring.
    • The beta will most likely focus on zones that have changed since Warcraft III in WoW, such as the Culling of Stratholme.
  • Changes and Additions
    • Dalaran and other iconic places will look more like they do in WoW.
    • There are no plans for new campaigns that were not in the original game.
    • All in game cutscenes are being completely redone and use a new camera system for the editor.
    • The redone cutscenes will focus in on characters as they talk instead of having to have pop up dialogue.
    • Cinematics other than the one seen at Blizzcon will be cleaned up at a higher resolution, but not 100% redone.
    • The team thought it was important not to change the game engine and this is what caused them to create a render engine on top of the existing game for Reforged.
  • Story
    • The team thought it was important to incorporate a way for people who play WoW to be invited to come see the origins stories for the game.
    • The story will be fundamentally the same, but the team wants to also develop characters that were secondary such as Sylvanas and Jaina.
    • Christie Golden has come in to help clean up the dialogue.
    • Some of the dialogue in the original game was meant as placeholder but was sent to be voice acted.
    • There were so many ideas that didn't quite make the original game and this is an opportunity to develop them.
  • Community and Map Editor
    • The map editor will incorporate Lua support and larger maps.
    • Some of the people working on Reforged were hired out of the Warcraft III community.
    • The art tools should be available sometime before release for map creators along with guides on how to use them.
    • Warcraft III was selected to be reforged first over the other two because of the community demand.
    • There are no official Esports additions planned right now.
    • The team is focused on making sure the UI is helpful for watching the game, however.
  • Development
    • The game has been in development for about two years.
    • Starcraft: Remastered helped the team develop and grow for this project.
    • Animation timing was the biggest restriction for the team because while the models are updated, they can't change the timing for the animations.
    • Each unit, such as murlocs, will look slightly different.
    • There are no plans for a physical copy of the Spoils of War addition at this time.
  • Balance Changes
    • Balanced is based off of community feedback.
    • The team wants all heroes and units to be balanced better.
    • Small map advantages are being addressed as well.
  • Audio and Dialogue
    • All dialogue is being rerecorded and utilizing the voice actors from WoW.
    • There will be 13 different languages available.
  • Custom Game
    • There will be better filtering for custom games.
    • The 12 unit selection cap will not be removed.
    • Custom games are utilizing cloud service.

Nintendo ID: Zeror_rk | SW-6670-3316-6323
Stem op 👍: 'Henk' knop (uitproberen?) | Betrouwbare reviews in PW

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