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[PC] Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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  • g0tanks
  • Registratie: oktober 2008
  • Laatst online: 13-10 22:53
Black Ops is terug! Met keiharde, vloeiende multiplayergevechten te land, het grootste Zombies-speltype ooit met drie volledige avonturen met ondoden bij de release en Blackout, waar het universum van Black Ops tot leven komt in een gigantische Battle Royale-ervaring met de grootste kaart uit de geschiedenis van Call of Duty, typische Black Ops-gevechten, personages, locaties en wapens uit de hele Black Ops-serie.

Ballistic Shield: Durable transforming defensive shield with a built-in machine pistol9-Bang: A tactical grenade that flashes and stuns. Can be cooked to detonate multiple times
Demo Expert
War Machine: A grenade launcher that fires bouncing grenades which detonate after a short time or by hitting enemies directly.Cluster Grenade: A grenade that sticks to surfaces and releases several smaller grenades.
TAK-5: Heals boosts max health and removes wounds for the user and up to four targeted allies. Works through walls.Assault Pack: Deploys ammo magazines that provide bonus score for taking down enemies. Available to everyone on the team.
Area Denial
Purifier: A flamethrower that shoots a steady gout of flame, scorching enemies within close range.Reactor Core: Emits a damaging radiation field that wounds enemies, reducing their maximum health for a period of time.
K9-Unit: Attack dog that can be commanded to either follow you or patrol a designated locationMesh Mine: Deploys explosive traps that connect to create lethal tripwires
Tempest: A tactical style rifle that shoots electrically charged Shock RoundsSeeker Shock Mine: A rolling shock mine that seeks enemy players, paralyzing them on contact
Intel Operator
Vision Pulse: Pulse the surrounding area to reveal enemies for a period of time. Visible to everyone on the team.Sensor Dart: Sensor equipment that reveals enemies within its proximity on the minimap. Visible to everyone on the team
Grav Slam: A short, aggressive leap that delivers a lethal blast in a radius around the point of impact.Grapple Gun: Quickly move to elevations and other locations.
Annihilator: A massive high-caliber revolver that fires devastating rounds with increased bullet penetration.Tac-Deploy: A deployable beacon that allows your teammates to re-deploy to the surrounding area.
Barricade: Deploy reinforced cover protection while securing objectives. Built-in microwave field slows and damages enemies. The owner can deactivate cover at will.Razor Wire: Place razor wire to damage and slow enemies that attempt to cross it

Black Ops 4 biedt verschillende primaire en secundaire wapens aan om uit te kiezen. Deze wapens zijn:

Assault Rifles
Submachine Guns
Light Machine Guns
Tactical Rifles
  • ICR-7
  • Rampart 17
  • KN-57
  • Maddox RFB
  • MX9
  • GKS
  • Spitifre
  • Cordite
  • Saug 9mm
  • Titan
  • Hades
  • VKM 750
  • Auger DMR
  • ABR 223
  • Swordfish

  • Strife
  • RK 7 Garrison
  • Mozu
  • MOG 12
  • SG12
  • Hellion Salvo
  • Combat Knife
  • Bowie Knife


RC-XDRemote controlled car strapped with explosives450
DartPilot an anti-personnel drone. Remote detonate the drone with (Action button) or detonate on impact500
UAVAn aerial drone that scans the map and shows enemy locations on the minimap550
Care PackageAirdrop a random scorestreak600
Counter UAVScramble the enemy’s mini-map650
Hellstorm MissileControl a Hellstorm missile with manually-triggered cluster bombs that track enemy targets850
Lightning StrikeLaunch a targeted airstrike on three locations900
Sentry GunDeploy a deadly automated sentry950
Drone SquadCall in a squadron of autonomous drones outfitted with machine gun turrets1000
MantisHeavily armored, 4-legged combat robot. Can be remote controlled1050
Sniper's NestCall in the support of 2 helicopter snipers1100
Attack ChopperCall in a support helicopter1200
ThresherAI Piloted strafe run that lays heavy machine gun and rocket fire1250
Strike TeamTwo elite armored soldiers drop in from a chopper to clear a position. Can also command them to move by holding the (Reload) button1350
GunshipBe the gunner in a close air support gunship1600


Tweakers groep op

g0tanks wijzigde deze reactie 28-12-2018 21:58 (139%)

Ultrawide gaming setup: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 | Dell Alienware AW3418DW

  • Ryada
  • Registratie: oktober 2012
  • Laatst online: 09:26


Makeshift gamedev

Hoppa lekker, ben nu door double xp weekend al weer prestige 3 geworden

Ryada wijzigde deze reactie 20-10-2018 22:52 (6%)

Steam: Ryada.

  • falcon123
  • Registratie: oktober 2010
  • Niet online
Lol, volgens mij zijn er inmiddels nu al iets van 3 verschillende discords ofzo excluding de algemene CoD Discord :P Ik vind die group wel goed werken an sich en heeft ook voice channels, heb je dus niks extra meer nodig :)

Nog een victory in de pocket :D

falcon123 wijzigde deze reactie 21-10-2018 22:51 (16%)

  • g0tanks
  • Registratie: oktober 2008
  • Laatst online: 13-10 22:53
Ik heb net Ajax unlocked in Blackout. Leuk dat ze zulke dingen in het spel hebben gestopt.

Ultrawide gaming setup: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 | Dell Alienware AW3418DW

  • falcon123
  • Registratie: oktober 2010
  • Niet online
Following last week’s Multiplayer weapon tuning, we’ve introduced extensive new Blackout-specific tuning in today’s update, including various tweaks across several weapon classes, the removal of the 9-Bang from Blackout, and more. Read on for the full list of changes in the patch notes below.

For a limited time, the fearsome Blightfather has been transported from IX to haunt the Graveyard just south of the Asylum. Those of you who took him on during the Blackout Beta know he won’t go down without a fight – and the victors will be handsomely rewarded this time around. This event is now live in all Blackout playlists on all platforms, so keep an eye out for the red pillar of light for a chance to slay the Blightfather... or pick off those who dare try.

We’ve also unlocked the Blackout Character Missions for our Black Ops 4 Chaos Storyline crew and increased Character Mission quest item spawn rates, so get out there and complete those hidden challenges to drop in as Bruno, Diego, Scarlett, and Shaw.

In Multiplayer, new playlists have arrived in the Featured category, including the debut of Team Tactical Moshpit, Mercenary Chaos Moshpit, and Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit. Read below for all the details on these new playlists and let us know what you think. As a reminder, playlists will be rotating into the Featured category on a weekly basis, so keep an eye out for fresh new game types and the return of fan-favorites each week.

We’re also kicking off our first 2X Tier Boost Weekend in Multiplayer and Blackout starting on Friday, along with 2X Nebulium Plasma in Zombies on all platforms from 10AM PT Friday, Nov. 9 through 10AM PT Monday, Nov. 12! Players will earn Contraband Tier progression twice as fast during this event, and we’ve got new ways to boost your Contraband Tier progression coming very soon. Stay tuned.

For our Zombies players: game stability has remained our #1 priority, and while we’ve implemented additional crash fixes listed below in today’s update, we know we’ve still got more to deliver for the Zombies community. To that end, we will have more shortly from the Zombies team that will address current development, as well as how we’re prioritizing stability and gameplay improvements.

And now, onto what’s new in the game:

We’ve made the following updates to the game (Global) since Friday’s update:


Playlist Updates
  • Blightfather added to all playlists.
  • 100-Player Quads added to the Featured playlist.
  • Maximum players in Solo and Duos playlists changed to 88.
  • Character Missions
  • Zombies Chaos Storyline Character Missions now available (Bruno, Diego, Scarlett, and Shaw).
  • Increased drop rates of Character Mission items.
  • Weapons (Blackout Only)
Submachine Guns
Increased muzzle velocity on all SMGs. This should provide more consistent gunfights when in SMG range, along with ensuring that SMGs perform as expected in their intended power band when compared to Assault Rifles in Blackout.
  • Reduced recoil.
Assault Rifles
Rampart 17
  • Reduced ADS sway.
  • Reduced recoil.
Tactical Rifles
Auger DMR
  • Increased re-center speed. We slowed down the re-center due to high performance in our Blackout beta, but have seen the AUGER slightly underperform since release.
  • Slightly increased muzzle velocity. This should make for more predictable shots when firing at a moving target within the Auger’s intended ranges.
  • Tightened the spread pattern. This should allow more shots to land on target at range.
Light Machine Guns
While some players have found success with the LMGs in Blackout, they’re still being passed over by the large majority of players. These changes should help make LMGs more manageable when providing cover fire or engaging targets at range.
  • Increased re-center speed.
  • Reduced re-center pattern offsets for more predictable recoil.
VKM 750
  • Increased re-center speed.
  • Reduced re-center pattern offsets.
  • Increased re-center speed.
  • Reduced re-center pattern offsets.
  • Equipment (Blackout Only)
  • Removed the 9-Bang from Blackout while we evaluate its place in the gameplay loop. _/-\o_
Concussion Grenade
  • Increased throw distance.
  • Increased stack count to 2.

Playlist Updates
  • Added Team Tactical Moshpit to Featured Playlist (3v3 TDM, Kill Confirmed, and Search & Destroy).
  • Added Mercenary Chaos Moshpit to Featured category (6v6 TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint, no parties allowed).
  • Added Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit to Featured category (Hardcore TDM, Domination, and Kill Confirmed, no parties allowed).
  • Gun Game and Control now in Featured category.
  • Resolved an exploit in Search & Destroy where players could change classes after the start of a round to regain Scorestreak progress from the previous round before death.
  • Resolved an issue in Heist where navigating the Buy Menu with the d-pad could display the description for the previously highlighted item.
  • Resolved an issue where meleeing friendly Razor Wire in Hardcore game modes would damage players, potentially causing the player who placed the Razor Wire to be kicked for friendly fire.
  • Corrected the description for “Fast Reflexes” Challenge to inform players of requirement to get 5 EKIA in a game shortly after switching weapons with Dexterity, Overkill, and Laser Sight.

  • Resolved 2 specific crashes in the IX Main Quest.
  • Resolved a crash related to banner challenges in IX.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred when the Shield broke while the player had the Victorious Tortoise Perk active.
  • Resolved an issue where players could end up in a permanently downed state if they are revived as a self-revive is being completed.
  • Resolved an issue where picking up the Max Ammo power-up while Bandolier is active did not give additional ammo if the weapon was at its normal Max Ammo capacity.
  • Resolved UI issues caused by opening the Paintshop after personalizing a weapon in the Armory.
  • Resolved an issue where players could equip Talismans in Local Play.
  • Changed Aftertaste Elixir description to reflect its 5-minute duration.
  • Changed Arsenal Accelerator Elixir description to reflect its 2-minute duration.

  • Resolved an issue where level-restricted Challenges could be locked again after Prestiging.
We’ve also made the following changes to PC since Friday’s update, in addition to the ones listed above:

Added Audio Presets to Options.
Resolved an issue where the rotation icon would appear when highlighting any items in the Black Market.
  • Resolved an issue where players would be forcefully defeated when using the Fast Travel from Transverse Tunnel to reach the Cafeteria before opening its door in Blood of the Dead.
  • Resolved an issue where Warpaints could not be removed after being applied.
Jump in and let us know what you think of the new Blackout weapon tuning, Blightfather event, new MP playlists, and everything else that’s new in today’s update!

  • falcon123
  • Registratie: oktober 2010
  • Niet online

• Nuketown on all platforms
• MP balancing + crash fixes
• 70+ Zombies stability fixes
• Care Package improvements
• Scorestreak updates
• Hardcore fixes
• Blackout updates
• QUAD FEED tomorrow!
+ more

falcon123 wijzigde deze reactie 20-11-2018 21:14 (89%)

  • Voluptas85
  • Registratie: december 2016
  • Laatst online: 12-10 16:46
Sinds twee weken speel ik BO4 en bevalt erg goed. Speel vooral multiplayer. Ik vroeg mij af, hoe kan je zien of bepaalde spelers bij elkaar in de party zitten?

Zie bijvoorbeeld hieronder, waar duidelijk clan leden in spelen:

Voluptas85 wijzigde deze reactie 22-01-2019 15:29 (29%)

  • falcon123
  • Registratie: oktober 2010
  • Niet online
Voluptas85 schreef op dinsdag 22 januari 2019 @ 15:13:
Sinds twee weken speel ik BO4 en bevalt erg goed. Speel vooral multiplayer. Ik vroeg mij af, hoe kan je zien of bepaalde spelers bij elkaar in de party zitten?
In de lobby kan je dat beter zien, zoals hier waarbij je die blauwe of witte/beige lijn achter de namen zien staan:

  • +1Henk 'm!

  • Frostbite
  • Registratie: juni 2001
  • Nu online



Sweatleek schreef op donderdag 13 juni 2019 @ 17:05:
Beste mede tweakers even snel een vraag klopt het dat jullie BO4 112GB is ? ik zit wat rond de snuffelen sins de update van vorige week was het 100GB ! wat ik raar vind aangezien ze zeggen dat je maar 55GB aan ruimten nodig hebt. En zou graag wel wat ruimen terug willen hebben. Is dit een bug of normaal ?

Mijn steam games games bij elkaar zijn nog minder in grote 8)7

Kon er niks online over vinden dus roep het hier even.

Maar dat was met de vorige ook al:

WWII (119Gb)

Infinite Warfare (115Gb)

Black Ops 3 (160GB)

Ghosts (38 Gb)

Advanced Warfare (71Gb)

Black Ops 2 (8Gb)

Black Ops 1 (9Gb)

Bij sommige scheelt het of je de Season pack hebt en dus alle mappen maar meestal worden die gewoon meegeïnstalleerd alleen zijn ze vergrendeld.

Ik lees toch echt dat Activation aangeeft dat je 112 Gb vrij moet hebben. Die 55Gb die je bedoeld dat is de grootte van de download. Uitgepakt en geïnstalleerd kom je dan al gauw op die 112 Gb.

🎮 Steam
💻 i5 6600k | 16Gb DDR4 | 256Gb + 120Gb SSD | 2Tb HD | Zotac AMP GTX1080 | Dell S2716DG | W10Pro
📱 Samsung Galaxy S7

  • TFZ61
  • Registratie: november 2000
  • Laatst online: 08-10 23:37
Raar probleem met zombies. Vanmiddag de game opgestart, dat verliep zoals normaal.
Zodra ik in de game zat zag ik dat mijn Elixers wel geselecteerd waren, maar er stond EMPTY naast.

Verder werkt mijn toetsenbord niet (WASD toetsen etc.) Kan wel de game afsluiten met alt-F4. Toetsen muis werken ook niet, kan wel rondkijken.

Inmiddels gezocht op internet, in de Blizzard app onder options gekeken of er een update was, en Scan en Repair gedaan. In beide gevallen was er niets gevonden, alles in orde. (en game was up-to-date)

Edit: Alle keybindings waren weg, er stond niets meer bij de keys. Defaults laden en klaar. ZEER vreemd!

TFZ61 wijzigde deze reactie 12-08-2019 20:16 (6%)

Pagina: 1

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