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[X360/PS3] [MMO/FPS] Dust 514

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Dust 514
Wat is Dust 514? 514 is een MMO/FPS die zich afspeelt in het universum van EVE Online. Het doel van het spel is simpel; dominantie; het veroveren van vijandige werelden en het verdedigen van eigen planeten. De release datum is nog niet bekend, wel is bekend dat dit spel voor zowel de XBox360 en Playstation 3 uitkomt. Er gaan geruchten dat het spel de Unreal 3 engine gebruikt waardoor er een kans is dat het spel ook voor de PC zal uitkomen.

Fanfest interview over Dust 514:

Een overzicht van wat er bekend is (van

  • There will be a quickplay mode.
  • There will be NPC faction warfare as well as the capture of player owned planets.
  • Battles will take part on dynamic battlefields that are around 5 kilometres across.
  • There will be a cap to the number of players per battle, which will be no less than 64 at launch.
  • There will be a command structure: Squadleaders in charge of Infantry, will in turn be led by a player commander on board the MCC (Mobile Command Centre)
  • The Commander will effectivly be playing a real time strategy game, and will be dependent on the situation awareness of ifantry players.
  • There will be a number of sub-objectives, but the main goal will be to destroy the enemies MCC.
  • DUST 514 will feature ten different vehicle classes, 8 of which will be available at launch. These include Warthog style buggies, Fighter Aircraft, Dropships and tanks.
  • Infantry alike will be able to call in vehicles on the fly and have them dropped off by large dropships.
  • Commanders will be able to deploy ground installations, which can house large gun and missile emplacements.
  • Ground installations will also act as spawn points.
  • Vehicles and installations will be purchased with "war points" which are a non-persistant game currency. This will allow each fight to have an "escalation of war" and will help prevent players with accumulated wealth from dominating.
  • Rather than having a skill system like EVE Online or leveling system like World of Warcraft, DUST 514 will have an "achievement matrix" where objectives achieved in game unlock tiers which then give access to better items on the marketplace.
  • Like ships in eve EVE, weapons and vehicles will be customised with module slots.
  • There are two methods a DUST marine can use to get from planet A to planet B. The first is to clone jump, using similar technology to EVE Pod pilots. The second is to use their corps War Barge and fly to a hostile planet.
  • DUST players will have to use the war barge to attack hostile worlds.
Interaction with the wider EVE universe
  • EVE Pilots will own the majority of planetary districts, this will be introduced in the expansion following Dominion.
  • DUST marines will be securing key staging area districts.
  • Hiring Dust Marines will not be mandatory, but it will make the capture of planets easier.
  • Initially Interaction wit EVE players will be done througuh the New Eden Social Network (COSMOS).
  • Eventually CCP hope players in eve will be able to share the same social spaces as DUST 514 marines, presumably in stations.
  • Initially at least, the economies of EVE and DUST will be kept as seperate as possible. CCP do not want co-dependency between the games.
Technology and Subscription Model
  • It is rumoured that DUST 514 will use the Unreal game engine.
  • There will be a microtransaction model, rather than a subscription model.
Other Facts
  • All the races in factions from EVE Online will feature in DUST 514
  • There will be racial weapons, the strengths and weaknesses for each race that we all know and love in eve will feature in DUST 514
Videos & Afbeeldingen


Hieronder volgt een lijst van websites gerelateerd aan Dust 514.
De startpost is nog een beetje karig, maar dat zal in de komende maanden wel goed komen als er meer en meer informatie vrijkomt.

Mijn blog; Floating Points

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No Scope, Bitch!

Het spel is nog niet uit, maar voor de geintresseerden zoals Donder Wolkje, een van onze enthousiaste leden op het gebied van Dust 514; we hebben binnen [V3COM] al zitten nadenken over samenwerkingen tussen EVE Online en Dust 514. Dus mochten er spelers uit bestaande speler communities gezamelijk met D514 aan de slag willen, dan staan wij klaar met een community vol kennis en ervaring, eigen ventrilo en forum voor jullie en goede ondersteuning vanuit EVE.

Site in de url, wel even laten weten dat je voor Dust 514 komt, en brainstormen maar! d:)b

Over [V3COM];

We bestaan in EVE Online uit verschillende groepen die al twee jaar in wisselende samenstellingen eerst zelfstandig maar gezamelijk opereerden binnen het spel, en sinds zeer korte tijd overgegaan zijn tot een officiele alliantie. De samenstelling van spelers is heel wisselend van net spelende tot al vanaf het begin. Van PVE naar PVP. Over het algemeen tref je sowieso in EVE niet echt jongere spelers aan, hoewel we verwachten dat met de komst naar console games, de gemiddelde leefttijd iets omlaag zal gaan. V3SPA is dan ook nu niet langer EVE Online, maar een Community verworden waar we beide platformen bijmekaar willen brengen en het succes van de afgelopen jaren willen uitbouwen.

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So you think I should vaporize, my tech_info, triple the bulk 25a-d/1, enhance the filterarray & raid the isometric fusion!? KEEP IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

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No Scope, Bitch!

Het nieuwste EON Magazine nummer 17 wat CCP uitbrengt, bevat uitgebreid verslag over Dust 514
E-ON Issue #017

Published 16th October 2009 (delayed to incorporate exclusive content from Fanfest 09)

For console gamers DUST 514 promises to be the most unique shooter ever devised, but for those of us already fighting between planets what will it mean to have hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, fighting on the ground? A crack squad of E-ON special forces capture CCP to find out how the EVE FPS will fuse with EVE Online, plus we get the views of players to see if they are as excited about DUST 514 as they should be.

Officially, the early days of Amarrian expansion were a time of glory for New Eden's largest empire, while today the worlds within the factional warzones are seen as frontiers that will one day reward the brave pioneers that have tried to tame them. The problem with official versions of events past and present is that they are very often wrong, as evidenced by three new chronicles in this issue of E-ON, which show a very different side to life on the frontiers of New Eden.

Players have never been as rich as they are currently, yet the status of banks in the New Eden economy has never looked bleaker after a string of high-profile trust issues that have left the industry in tatters. Player economist and blogger LaVista Vista delves into the history of banking in EVE to see if it has a future and what it might look like.


* News on Cosmos and Dominion from Fanfest 09
* Testflight: Electronic Attack frigates
* Profiles of Pandemic Legion, Dr Caymus and Jeran Tek
* Interviews with CCP Molock and CCP Manifest
* Win signed copies of The Burning Life
* Full round-up of 0.0 activity in Quarterly Report
* Guides to wormholes, modules and EVE: Conquests
* Websites for new players
* …and all the latest news

So you think I should vaporize, my tech_info, triple the bulk 25a-d/1, enhance the filterarray & raid the isometric fusion!? KEEP IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

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No Scope, Bitch!

CCP's Dust514 softlaunch fails spectacular

CCP's has encountered a failure during it's softlaunch of Dust514, the console game that is supposed to interconnect with the PC game EVE Online.

During a test where the connection between the games had to concur, something in the telemetrie went wrong and the spectacular result was even to be seen in as far as Norway.

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So you think I should vaporize, my tech_info, triple the bulk 25a-d/1, enhance the filterarray & raid the isometric fusion!? KEEP IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

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