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Diablo 3
We’re developing Diablo III to be the definitive action role-playing game, and a true continuation of the Diablo series. Players will create a hero from one of five distinct classes, such as barbarian or witch doctor, each equipped with an array of spells and abilities. As these heroes adventure through rich and varied settings, unraveling an epic storyline and engaging in combat with hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, they’ll grow in experience and ability and acquire items of incredible power.

The game takes place on Sanctuary, a world of dark fantasy. Unbeknownst to most of its inhabitants, Sanctuary was saved some twenty years ago from the demonic forces of the underworld by a few brave and powerful heroes. Most of those warriors who directly faced Hell’s armies -- and were fortunate enough to survive -- went mad from their experiences. And most of the others have buried their haunted memories and pushed the horrors from their thoughts. In Diablo III, players will return to Sanctuary to confront evil in its many forms once again.

Diablo III will be a fitting sequel to Diablo II, with the easy interface, fast-paced action, and visceral gameplay that Diablo players have come to expect and enjoy. It will also include many new features that will take the Diablo action-RPG experience to the next level. We look forward to going into much more detail on our plans for Diablo III as development on the game progresses.

What’s new about Diablo III compared to the previous Diablo games?
Exciting new classes like the witch doctor bring new gameplay options to the table. Returning classes, like the barbarian, have been completely redone with new skills to give them a feel unique to Diablo III. New customization options will provide for an even greater level of character specialization than the previous Diablo games, allowing the player to create unique characters brimming with power.

Diablo III is powered by a new graphics engine that can display characters and hordes of monsters in lush, fully 3D environments. Powerful special-effects systems and Havok-powered physics allow the player to lay waste to Hell’s minions in spectacular ways.
Also, Diablo III builds on the random environments of the previous Diablo games by introducing a host of new ways to create random scripted events throughout the game.

This creates a dense and exciting world alive with quests, NPCs, dynamic encounters, and viciously challenging new monsters and bosses. Diablo III’s environments add a great deal of interactivity to the game, including destructible elements and environmental obstacles that can be turned against your enemies.

In addition, Diablo III will benefit from upgrades that will provide some exciting new features for players. Cooperative online play remains a primary focus, with multiple enhancements being planned to make connecting with your friends easier and cooperative gameplay even more fun. We’ll have more details on all these aspects as well as other exciting new features at a later date.

Two decades have passed since the demonic denizens, Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, wandered the world of Sanctuary in a vicious rampage to shackle humanity into unholy slavery. Yet for those who battled the Prime Evils directly, the memory fades slowly and the wounds of the soul still burn.

When Deckard Cain returns to the ruins of Tristram's Cathedral seeking clues to new stirrings of evil, a comet from the heavens strikes the very ground where Diablo once entered the world. The comet carries a dark omen in its fiery being and it calls the heroes of Sanctuary to defend the mortal world against the rising powers of the Burning Hells – and even the failing luminaries of the High Heavens itself.

I came to see firsthand the barbarians, those near-legendary, immense, relentless, dual-wielding furies of the combat dwelling upon their sacred Mount Arreat. Instead, I stand here looking at a mountain that has been torn asunder by some extraordinary force. The sight, I must confess, is incomprehensible. Yet what I see before me cannot be denied....

- Berserker Tree
- Battlemaster Tree
- Juggernaut Tree

Witch Doctor:
Most believe the fearsome witch doctor of the umbara race a legend, but I have seen one in battle with my own eyes. And it was difficult to believe, even then. I was fortunate to befriend the witch doctor I saw in battle, and, through him, his tribe: the Tribe of the Five Hills....

- Plaque Tree
- Spirit Tree
- Voodoo Tree

It is those magics that this wizard seems determined to explore - magics centered on manipulating the primal forces from which reality is constructed. Imagine, a headstrong ninteen-year-old youth, able to warp time itself to her will!

- Storm Tree
- Arcane Tree
- Conjuring Tree

• Five powerful character classes to choose from, including the barbarian and witch doctor.
• Brand-new 3D graphics engine enhanced with spectacular visual effects and Havok physics.
• Numerous indoor and outdoor areas detailing new regions in the world of Sanctuary.
• Interactive environments with dangerous traps and obstacles, and destructible elements.
• Randomly generated worlds bolstered by scripted events for endless and dynamic gameplay.
• Vast assortment of fiendish monsters, with unique attack patterns and behaviors.
• New quest system and character-customisation options for the ultimate action RPG experience.
• Multiplayer functionality over with support for cooperative and competitive play.

Blizzard said they have plans for making the inventory much better.
In the video we can see room for 30 items. It seems each item will have it's own reserved space with no size variations, similar to the bag system of World of Warcraft. The Barbarian, however, has only 12 item spaces "active" or "available", other 18 being "grayed out". This means characters in D3 will be able to carry variable sizes of bags. If you look at the bottom of the inventory space, there are 4 grayed out slots for bags, similar to World of Warcraft. The icon for these bags is the same as the main inventory screen icon.

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System requirements zijn nog niet bekend gemaakt. Zodra ze beschikbaar zijn kun je ze hier natuurlijk vinden.

Official Diablo 3 Site - Blizzard's Diablo 3 site.
Diablo Timeline Lore - Timeline van Diablo, Diablo 2 en Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.
Deckard Cain's Journal Lore - Storyline van Diablo 2 en Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.
Diablo 3 Cinematic trailer 720p - Cinematic trailer van Diablo 3 in 720p, 48MB groot.
Diablo 3 Gameplay video 720p - Gameplay beelden van Diablo 3 in 720p, 568MB groot.
tweakers IRC channel Diablo 3 - Hier kun je slowchatten over Diablo 3.

14-12-'08 - Archive I: Updates 1 - 60
12-06-'09 - Archive II: Updates 61 - 120

01-06-'09 - Update115: Bashiok on Rune Swapping
04-06-'09 - Update116: Bashiok on Runes Value and Legitimate Trade
05-06-'09 - Update117: Confirmed Fee-Free
11-06-'09 - Update118: Bashiok on Gore, v1.13, and Blizzcon Announcements
11-06-'09 - Update119: Bashiok on the Barbarian’s Fury
12-06-'09 - Update120: Bashiok on Unlocking Tyrael’s Face
17-06-'09 - Update121: Bashiok on Graphics
17-06-'09 - Update122: Bashiok on Tomes of Lore
24-06-'09 - Update123: Monster Health Display Changed

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Bashiok on Boss Drops and the New Artwork
In a discussion about the practice of players doing endless boss runs, Bashiok dropped some philosophy.

Bashiok: There's an inherent issue in Diablo II, where the game is degenerated to a task of getting to point B as quickly as possible, spinning the wheel, and then you rinse and repeat. While a lot of people obviously take advantage of it, and it sort of becomes a game in itself to see how fast and efficient you can be, it's not necessarily engaging. You could also say it detracts from the feeling of being immersed in an entire game experience.

Regardless of what happens or changes in Diablo III there are always going to be the min/maxers that game the systems to be more efficient, but as a goal we want to encourage players to experience the game as a whole or at least to a larger degree than an end-game that devolves in to just killing a single boss over and over. A lot of those ideas and details are obviously still under wraps but it is something we're aware of and thinking about.

Elsewhere, someone asked about yesterday's new artwork; specifically about the map-like view of the tropical island city.

Bashiok: It is Skovos, and I think this piece was something that Leonard showed and discussed at the WWI Lore and Environment Art panel. It isn't a location that you'll visit in Diablo III, but the artwork is a good example of the work and thought going in to fleshing out the world of Sanctuary. It's already a very complex world with a lot of locations and events, but a lot of it still isn't visually or contextually realized. As we want to create the feeling of a world outside of your immediate view it's important to create or expand upon the locations and stories of that world. As we're working to create Diablo III we're also working to create a more visually complete Sanctuary."]It is Skovos, and I think this piece was something that Leonard showed and discussed at the WWI Lore and Environment Art panel.

It isn't a location that you'll visit in Diablo III, but the artwork is a good example of the work and thought going in to fleshing out the world of Sanctuary. It's already a very complex world with a lot of locations and events, but a lot of it still isn't visually or contextually realized. As we want to create the feeling of a world outside of your immediate view it's important to create or expand upon the locations and stories of that world.

As we're working to create Diablo III we're also working to create a more visually complete Sanctuary.

Diablo 3 Overthrown Polystone

Rest van de screens zijn op Blizzplanet te zien.

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New Monster, Screens, Art
Dune Tresher
The news that a rogue burrower had killed a citizen just outside the city gave me the wonderful opportunity to see firsthand one of the more disturbing creatures we share this world with – the savage dune thresher.

Long ago driven away from settled locales to the deep desert wastes of the Borderlands, the dune thresher is rarely seen by city dwellers. Every so often, however, whether due to injury or old age, one of these unholy beasts ventures to the edge of civilization to feast on the frail human animal.
Bestiary: Dune Tresher

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Bashiok on the Alt Key
The way it works now is that when an item drops the name shows for about 5 seconds and then they fade out and disappear. Pressing Alt shows all dropped item names for again about 5 seconds and then the names fade out and disappear.

I actually didn't like it at first, I liked the on/off state of pressing or not pressing Alt, but with the names showing immediately after drop and having a sort of "grace period" after just tapping Alt, it's really grown on me and is a lot more intuitive. It's a lot easier to see what just dropped quickly and decide if you care, and it isn't necessary to constantly hold down Alt while scavenging after a large fight.

I still want to see -nopickup return but I haven't really asked anyone what the possibility of that is. I don't think it would work well with the current system, so options may have to be a possibility.

Bashiok on D3's DX10
Bashiok answered a few questions about Direct X 10 today. First up, will D3 support it?

Bashiok: We haven't announced any final support for DirectX versions/system requirements. I'll say that right now we're not using any DirectX10 features, but we potentially could.

Follow up questions got increasingly technical. Don't take any of this as set in stone until Blizzard makes a more official announcement, much closer to the release date.

Bashiok: Hrm, I don't know what functions could be running on separate threads to throw to alternate cores, I'd have to ask. As far as I know though multi-GPU support is purely (or almost purely) a function of the drivers to throw alternate frames to each card, and as such shouldn't be dependent on the software(game) whatsoever.

...I could just be wrong about SLi/Crossfire support. It just logically doesn't seem to me like the software can make the call on where the frames are sent to draw. Whether there's a performance increase or not is another thing of course. I don't know enough about it though, I should ask a programmer.

Bashiok on Level Cap and Inventory
Bashiok was asked about the maximum level cap, and he restated something that's been said before.

The first and last thing said on it was in an interview with Jay at WWI when we first announced, and paraphrasing that: we will probably keep it about the same, level 99, but it always seemed like an arbitrary number to stop at so we may up it to 100.

In another post, Bashiok talked about the inventory system and the concept of using item weight.

Bashiok: A weight system is simply a different approach to inventory restrictions, and it's actually fairly similar to a grid based system except that weight systems are generally augmented by a character stat instead of being item based upgrades.

The main issue with these systems as they relate to Diablo III is they add an additional value to items. That secondary value works to complicate and thus slow down the inventory management of a player, drawing their attention away from the action, which is of course the main focus for us with Diablo III.

I've played a few RPGs with weight systems, and they're among my favorite games of all time, but it's a case of choosing which systems works best for each game.

Someone asked if they might be making things too simple and streamlined, and thus too shallow. Bashiok thinks not.

Bashiok: Well there's still the depth and complexity of item/stat utilization, building out your character, exploration, increased emphasis on story and lore, etc. but aside from those sort of obvious points, no I'm not worried. There are some big things we haven't revealed yet.

Diablo 3 Monsters
Planet Diablo heeft de verschillende demons/monsters van Diablo 3 die we tot nu toe gezien hebben op een rijtje gezet, zeker een kijkje waard! Diablo 3 Monsters - Planet Diablo
Fanmade Wallpapers

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New Monster, Screens, Art
I had indeed seen scavengers: small, burrowing creatures that feed upon carrion. Unlike most animals of this type, however, they are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to attack those unfortunate enough to encounter them. Scavengers have powerful legs which they use for swift springing attacks, striking at vulnerable faces and throats. Their anatomy bears a striking resemblance to that of the leapers of the Aranoch desert, and thus, many researchers classify the two groups as part of the same family of creatures. An ensorcelled (some say demonic) variant is known to have plagued adventurers in the Tristram region twenty-odd years ago as well.
Bestiary: Scavenger


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Professioneel Pierewaaier

Wat is die art toch altijd cool! Vindt het ook geweldig dat blizzard er zoveel moeite in steekt om bij elk stukje wat ze naar buiten brengen, ook al is het een monster, een passend verhaal bedenken.
De scavenger heeft wel wat weg van de Leaper uit Luth Golein, the rocky waste / dry hills enz.
Ook zo'n springer :)

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Bashiok on Monster vs Monster and Inventory
Bashiok has been a busy bee lately. With BlizzCon coming up and anticipation for new Diablo III information pouring in, he's somehow found the time to respond to a couple of threads over at the official forum.

First up, a response to a question regarding Monsters:

Basiok: It would be naive to think that with all of the creatures, demons, and monsters in the world of Sanctuary that they'd all purely be concerned with killing you and you alone.

Hinting that the player may discover monsters who fight each other in the wilderness!
Concerning the inventory, Bashiok had this to share:

Basiok: We have an awesome UI guy (Mike Nicholson) who is constantly iterating on the interface. Right now it has a lot of the core pieces of what we want, but it's still being worked on fairly heavily. Specifically regarding item images and being able to see the artwork - being able to reach a happy medium between single slot and having nice big item images is something we're striving for.

Diablo 3 Playable at Blizzcon08
"Fire rains from the skies over New Tristram, landing on the very site where the Lord of Terror was first unleashed decades ago. This dark omen may signal the return of a malevolent presence that has cast a long shadow over the world of Sanctuary. As the mortal realms once again hang in the balance, only a handful of champions rise to meet the coming darkness... out in the bleak corners of the world, where evil has arise once again.

Among these brave champions stands the enigmatic witch doctor, a spiritual warrior from deep within the Torajan jungles. At BlizzCon 2008, the witch doctor is yours to command for the first time ever. Stop by the Diablo area on the show floor for your chance to lead this fierce new hero into the catacombs beneath the Tristram Cathedral.

While you're there, revisit the raw strength of the barbarian - a Diablo series classic - or try your hand at Sanctuary's newest champion, who will be revealed at the event.

If these gameplay offerings don't slake your enthusiasm for demon slaying, you might also want to attend the Diablo III panels, each of which is designed to give you a full behind-the-scenes look into the world of Sanctuary.

In the class-design panel, you'll learn about the personality and game mechanics of Sanctuary's new heroes. In the Diablo III gameplay panel, you'll get an in-depth look at the evolution of the Diablo series and find out how the gameplay and world design are being improved for this third installment. The lore and art panel will bring you up to speed on the story of our heroes and the current happenings in Sanctuary while providing insight into the game's style and art direction.

The time to make your stand against the Burning Hells draws nigh."

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Ze staat ook al op

Oogt aziatisch :P


Paar skills uit die trailer:

- Icebeam ofzo, bevriest vijanden, zag er erg vet uit
- Meteor
- Decoy
- Soort van Nova

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New Class: Wizard
Flux here: I got about 15 minutes play time on the wizard, and then spent 15 minutes looking over all of her skills and dictating their descriptions. We’re doing some live reports in the chat channel, and here are some quick facts, with more to come later.

There are 3 wizard skill trees. conjuring, arcane, storm. all of the trees have 4 or 5 skills in each tier, and there are tiers at level 1, 5, 10, and 15. 20 is listed, but has no skills yet. there are no dependencies per skill, but you need 10 points invested to use any level 10 spells, and 15 to use any 15. In each tree.

There are a huge variety of skills. Multiple pasives and actives in each tree, all mixed through. All 3 had one attack spell in the first row, and 2 or 3 passives or masteries. Bonuses were to things like spell casting speed, mana cost, critical strike %, type of damage, etc. There are spells of all types of damage, cold, lightning, spectral, etc. Also spells with physical and magical shielding, duplicate (like Decoy), slow time (slows missiles and enemies), increase weapon damage, increase odds of monsters dropping mana globes (fill 25% mana bulb), and much, much more. It looks like there will be several viable builds in each tree, and probably some multi tree ones as well. Massive variety and subtypes and builds.

Play style: The wizard felt like a more durable sorceress. fast spells, variety of early ones, melee and ranged. Lots of monster types and varieties in the early area. great npc dialogues; very realistic conversation. Awesome gory graphics; bleeding heaps of bodies, crows flapping overhead. Very atmospheric. Like D1 with vastly improved graphics. Can’t wait to play it on a home machine in a dark room with the sound up loud.
Chracter Class: Wizard
Diablo 3 Wizard trailer 720p - Wizard gameplay trailer in 720p, 87MB groot.

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Postius schreef op zaterdag 11 oktober 2008 @ 16:09:
Zijn er mensen die dat echt allemaal lezen? ik weet dat het een grote titel is, maar iedere keer krijg ik toch een beetje de indruk "Much-ado-about-nothing". Zoals in het begin toen er een paar screenies waren, barstte meteen een discussie los over de kleuren etc. (...)
Blizzard gaf op erg subtiele wijze nog commentaar op de kleuren-discussie (dat het allemaal te vrolijk was) via één van achtergronden van de podia:


Diablo III To Use Warden, No DRM
Wired (Game|Life) scored an interview with Rob Pardo who confirmed Diablo III will feature the anti-hack software from World of Warcraft known as Warden, except it will be adapted specifically for Diablo III. Pardo mentioned other measures will be taken to prevent hacking by means of third-party software.

Another question pitched at the Vice-president of Game Design was if Diablo III would include DRM to prevent piracy. Wired specifically compared Spore’s silly DRM as a reference point. Pardo explained that is their most effective DRM to prevent piracy of Blizzard games.

There are no plans to use Steam to distribute Blizzard games. will continue to be Blizzard’s Steam-equivalent. Any new enhancements on 2.0 will address certain plans and challenges for download distribution.

For lore fans who read the Diablo: The Sin War trilogy, it seems Pardo slipped acknowledgement that there are other worlds out there.Trag’Oul was halted from helping the inhabitants of Sanctuary by other guardians such as himself who were watching over other worlds. They warned Trag’Oul the fate of Sanctuary would affect or benefit the fate of other worlds. So if you thought this was a Heaven vs Hell conflict with Sanctuary in the middle of the sandwich, you are wrong. There are more worlds than meet the eye.

New BlizzCon08 Art

BlizzCon Press Conference with Jay Wilson
Q: Diablo 2 Guilds are basically needed in Diablo 3 in order to help you if you get killed, and to give you support when playing, what will be done in Diablo 3 to make guilds needed?
A: We have not looked into making guilds yet as the game is so early in development, but we have some great ideas for encouraging people to make guilds. We want to avoid doing things that can ruin things for non-guilded players. We would love to do a lot of things that play into guilds.

Q: What is the circle in the middle of the inventory screen?
A: It’s a function we call the Talisman. It might not have a function in this build, I can’t remember, but it’s all about character customisation. It’s a feature that is not set in stone, so it might change drastically, or even be removed.

Q: Will there be distinct class roles to fill, like in WoW?
A: We want a well balanced crew, where they are able to hold their own. Not really roles, but there will be good to have some of the special abilities around.

Q: Trading is a big thing in Diablo 2, how will you handle this in D3?
A: We haven’t decided this so much yet, people trade when they get items in games, but trading is definitely something that will have a heavy focus in Diablo 3.

Q: The Automated Stat Assignment, is this a permanent change?
A: Yes, it’s a definite change. The only purpose of the stat assignment in Diablo 2 was to break a character. You level up and realise you did things wrong and had to start over. We decided to remove it and add other customisation options. It works similar as to WoW.

Q: I have never played Diablo 2 online, and Diablo 3 is obviously focused on online play, is it a lot like an MMO?
A: There are some similarities, but it is not an MMO. You can play Diablo 3 besides an MMO, as it’s nothing like WoW, and you can log in to just play a few minutes, where WoW requires more dedication. We’re not worried at all that WoW and Diablo 3 will overlap.

Q: There is a lot of cheating in Diablo 2 trading, what will you do to prevent cheating in Diablo 3?
A: We have been working against cheating for many years in all our games, and there is no dev team on the planet with as much experience fighting cheating as Blizzard.

Q: In Diablo 2 your only way to respec would be to reroll. It got a bit better with the synergy bonuses on skills. What are you doing to improve the skill system?
A: One thing that we have changed is that these synergies is their own skills. A lot of new passive skills are added and the tree is more split up. You can move down your skill tree without wasting points. There is also more room for specialization to grow more individual. We also now have a respec system, so you don’t have to reroll to get other skills.

Q: Is four people multiplayer games set in stone?

A: It grows more and more set all the time. In Diablo 2, eight player games are very uncommon, and they wouldn’t be in the same party or the like and we have just found that it’s not as fun as with four people. We have the ability to set any number we want, but four seems to work out very well.

Q: Playing Diablo III you come to a place where it says “Checkpoint Reached”. Is this the same as a Waypoint?
A: This is more of an improvement on the old system, a checkpoint is a way to save progress. A difference is that you can’t teleport away from them, but you can jump TO any checkpoint. It’s easier, and in Diablo II you might run around for ages looking for the waypoint.

Q: When I played online with a friend, I had the problem that I did a lot of damage, but my friend got the killing blow and all the experience, is there a similar problem with Diablo 3?
A: It actually splits experience if you are in a party, so just join a party.

Q: Other companies use some of your gaming ideas in their games, and you obviously use others. Can you give me an example of an idea you found elsewhere and took to your development.
A: Achievement system. Not really a special developer, for all types of games has this, but a bit like X-Box Live.

Q: Will there be shrines in Diablo 3?
A: We have not decided about it. We have ideas for shrines. The things is that only two shrines were actually interesting to the player: Experience Shrines and Monster Shrines. Other shrines where like “nah”. We want to bring some system in with this functionality. This is where the combo exp bonus comes from. It’s not replacing shrines, but it’s playing in to it.

Q: Is there any caps on the Killing Spree combo?
A: Yes, there is a maximum combination combo. It’s related to your level but I don’t think anyone can actually get it. It has a theoretical limit, but you are not likely to reach it.

Q: I loved Deckard Cain, is the new one the same actor? He was a good point for comic relief in Diablo, will he still do that?
A: Of course it’s the same actor, Michael Gough, and we couldn’t dream of replacing him. Yes, it’s the same actor, but Cain has grown a bit more somber. 20 years have past, where he has been trying to warn people about this war, and he has gotten increasingly desperate.

Q: Will there be any roleplaying aspects to Diablo 3, like changing faces or skin colour?

A: In a previous build you could change face and skin colour, but the problem was that when you entered the game, you couldn’t really tell the difference. You spent perhaps 10 minutes picking your character, and you wouldn’t see anything of him. Another problem was armour would quickly hide it, and it also slowed down the game to go through that process, so we decided to remove it. It goes in line with the philosophy of making a fast game as well. you come in to the game, pick your class and go!

Q: Diablo 3 potions changed, wouldn’t this give potion an inflated value?
A: We work on PvP a lot. We talk a lot about it, but we haven’t decided on much yet. You can certainly use potions, you just can’t use them a lot. They don’t have a great impact on the game. In Diablo 2, potions actually ruined the game, as you efficiently get unlimited health and mana. The person that use up their potions first lose.

Q: Will there be a Stash in Diablo 3?
A: Yes! Bigger as well, and it grows in size.

Q: Will there be another Cain rap song?
A: I’m not sure, was it us that made it (Bashiok: Yes, it was actually us). Well, then there are definitely the possibility.

Q: Talking about guilds, will there be like a Guild Stash?

A: We haven’t started on that type of things yet. isn’t done yet. We’ve had some small small talks about it, that’s it.

Q: Will you push Diablo 3 as an eSport game?
A: It will definitely have PvP, but look at how StarCraft II is designed with this in mind, it’s so important for StarCraft. We would have to make quite a few compromises with the game to make eSport a cornerstone of Diablo 3. We will make PvP bigger than in Diablo 2, but our goal is not to take it to the progamer level.

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BlizzCon D3 Inventory Images
Let op dit maal geen link naar het werkelijke formaat anders denkt GoT dat er popups komen..
BlizzCon New Character Art

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Barbarian Game Play and Skill Tree Discussion
BlizzCon Demo Impressions

Like most people at BlizzCon (at least everyone playing D3 on one of the in the press room), my first character was a Wizard. I wanted to see the newest of the new, and I did, and there will be a report on that character later this week. Today though, it’s all about the Barbarian. I’m not going to go into detail over the exact functions and my first impressions of the BlizzCon build, since MD did such a thorough job of that in his gameplay report, and since everyone reading this has seen the D3 gameplay movies and played D2. Not to reduce it too much, but D3 "feels" like D2, with a few tweaks. If you are familiar with D2 (or D1, or any other isometric view RPG) the controls, movement, speed, mouse fluidity, etc, all feel very natural. I was immediately comfortable at the controls, with only the altered hotkeys and skill interface giving me any pause.

I tried out the D3 version of our grunting, illiterate, smash-happy friend on Friday morning, some time after my opening salvo with the Wizard, and I found the experience much as I’d anticipated. That’s not an entirely good thing, since while I played a number of types of Barbarians in D2, (and most enjoyed horking Magic Finders) I tended to find the Clvl 1-30 process somewhat tedious, and only began to enjoy my Barbs when they had WW, or at least Frenzy, and enough good equipment to rock and roll. I think I’ll feel more or less the same about the D3 Barbarian. He’s (she’s) got a wider variety of skills, and the lower level ones look a lot more fun than the early ones in D2. But they’re still basically single strike, melee attacks, and those don’t exactly fill me with"woot.

Let me stress that I’m not advocating a major character remodel. It’s perfectly fair to reserve the powerful, multi-target, skills like Whirlwind, Seismic Slam, and Furious Charge for higher levels. The Barbarian would be overpowered and poorly-designed if he could unleash mega-death type skills like those right off the bat. I just don’t find slow, melee-fighting much fun. I didn’t especially care for the D1 Warrior, and in D2 I could never play a Werebear Druid or Assassin. Your mileage (kilometerage) may, and probably will, vary.

That said, the D3 Barb wasn’t horrible, or boring. I enjoyed playing her, and will certainly play a Barbarian in the final game. It won’t be my first character, but it won’t be my last either. For what it is, the D3 Barbarian is very well-executed. The animations are great, the sound effects are massive (buy a new woofer to prepare for D3; the bass is worth it), the skill graphics are nice, the monsters are varied and enjoyable to slaughter. Even the dialogue, as heard through the one lengthy NPC conversation in the Blizzcon build, was interesting and very character-appropriate.

I listened to the full dialogue, with Captain Rumford in the tiny Tristram encampment new characters started out in, but I was bouncing on my toes during it, since I wanted to get out and kill some zombies. And soon enough… I did.

Blizzcon Demo Gameplay

The Blizzcon demo was fun, but it wasn’t exactly challenging. At least not with the Barbarian or the Witch Doctor. The Barb was strong enough to just bash (figuratively and literally) his (or her) way through the monsters, and the Witch Doctor had several spells that were quite effective when used while standing behind the tanking Mongrels
The Wizard was more of a challenge, but that’s for another report.

Before anyone starts worrying about D3 being too "carebear," remember one thing. The Blizzcon demo was supposed to be easy:

This was the first hands-on for anyone outside of Blizzard, and the D3 Team knew that lots of the fans and media at BlizzCon would be eager to play, despite not having touched D2 in years. I heard many people in the press room laugh as they said something like, "I keep wanting to scroll the camera around." Predictable comments from WoW players slipping back into the isometric saddle for the first time in half a decade, and the sort of thing the D3 Team would have planned on. Also, the play sessions only lasted about 15 minutes on the slow floor, and the devs didn’t want new players running out and dying as they struggled with the controls. So characters started off at level 6 in the Blizzcon build, with a variety of skills already enabled. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team had also turned down the difficulty and/or turned up the character stats/hps as well.

As a result, "new" characters in the BlizzCon build were essentially starting off the game at level 6, and while that was an advantage, it wasn’t enough to turn the game into a boring, god-mode-esque slaughter. Still, I only had to retreat from combat a couple of times with my Barbarian, both times when I found a random boss monster who had nasty ranged attacks, skeleton archer wingmen, and a lot of melee skeletons and zombies to tank. On those occasions I just ran back down the hallway a bit, stringing out the melee attackers and getting out of range of the archers and the bosses’ spells. (The encounter was somewhat reminiscent of fighting Radament, in the Act 2 Sewers, if Radament had better magic and was slower to resurrect dead skeletons.) It was easy to slaughter the skeleton minions once they were spread out, and with them gone I rushed back down the hallway and finished off the boss.

Leoric the Skeleton King, the boss whose defeat ended the Blizzcon demo, was actually easier than some of the random bosses. I was level 9 by the time I reached his throne room, and with some decent armor on, I could just stand there and whack away at him, ignoring his summoned minions and his own mighty maul attack. I ended up running around his level a bit just to extend the experience, but my Barbarian was never in serious risk of death in the BlizzCon demo, so I wouldn’t have been able to test out the Barb’s controversial resurrection skill, even if it had been enabled for use at Blizzcon.

Barbarian Skills and Controls

The biggest change to the Barbarian’s interface and controls comes from Fury. See the Fury page in the Diablo Wiki for full details. In brief, Fury is the new mana, but only (so far) for Barbarians. Fury replaces mana, but unlike the old blue bulb, it does not fill up when not in use. Barbarians have zero Fury to start with, and only build it up during combat, when they land successful strikes to their enemies. As soon as the Barb is not fighting, the Fury starts to drain away, and it seeps out quite quickly. I frequently filled my Fury bulb completely during a fight, paused to pick up an item or two, then ran to find more monsters, and arrived just as my Fury went down to nothing.

My Barbarian had about 100 Fury at level 7 or 8, and while I didn’t get to experiment with it that persistently, I could see enough to like the concept. The Barbarian is designed to be a melee battling character. He gets all sorts of bonuses while in combat, and many of his skills only trigger when he scores critical hits. (Conveniently, plenty of other skills boost his critical hit chances.) With that design goal, the fact that he has to fight to build up Fury, and has to expend Fury to use most of his skills, is only natural. It looks like an expert Barbarian player will be most at home when surrounded by enemies, and will have to learn to cycle quickly through a variety of attack skills and war cry-style buffs to stay alive and able to smash his enemies.

The only big Fury expenditure available in the Blizzcon build was Battle Rage, a wary cry that boosted the Barbarian’s damage by 100%, increased critical damage by 30%, and lasted for 15 seconds. (With one point in it, which was all the BlizzCon build allowed to active skills.) That was half, or more, of my total Rage, but I never minded spending it. The combat improvements were substantial, and since Rage faded away so quickly, I had a constant feeling of "use it or lose it." Whenever I finished a battle with a full Rage bulb, I tried to remember to cast this war cry, since the precious juice would all be gone by the time I got to the next battle anyway.

As for the skills available, I mentioned earlier that the Barbarian played like a D2 Barbarian with better graphics. The starter skills were quite similar as well, at least superficially. The new characters were level 6, and already had some skills placed, to make things quicker and easier for the fans. Therefore all Barbarians started out with a point or two in two passives in each of the three skill trees. The skills were all Tier 1 passives, such as Power of the Battlemaster, Iron Skin, Power of the Berserker, Heightened Senses, and Power of the Juggernaut. This gave the characters some survivability, so the new players wouldn’t die immediately, or feel like they didn’t have any skills to play with In addition to those passives, there were some active skills with a point in them, and others that could be enabled as soon as your character leveled up a time or two.

I got to use or watch other players use Frenzy, Bash, Cleave, Battle Rage, and Hammer of the Ancients. All of them were fun and visceral and had great sound effects, but using them wasn’t much different than seeing them in a gameplay movie. They’re all familiar to anyone who played a Barbarian in D2, in function and form if not name. They’re mostly melee attacks, and whether they hit a single target or two, hit a little faster or knock back the monster, or swing a magical hammer overhead for huge damage, they all involve standing toe to toe and clicking away until the zombies or skeletons are dead Which they were, usually after just 2 or 3 hits.

The skills did make a difference. I used Bash, Frenzy, and Cleave constantly, and noticed considerable differences between them. Damage shows up on the screen in D3, so every time I’d whack a skeleton or zombie I’d see a little number showing that I’d just done 22, or 34, or 51 damage. It varied, of course, and I was constantly plugging in the different weapons I found, until I eventually settled on a two-handed sword . It did by far the most damage of anything my Barb found at Blizzcon, and that big weapon was more useful than dual wielding, or using a sword/shield, at least against the slow swinging, low-damage early game enemies.

The sword showed me something new, too—D3 Barbarians can not hold a two-handed sword in one hand. Only one-handed weapons could be dual-wielded or used with a shield. That change aside, dual-wielding is still a big part of the game. I kept doing it accidentally, as I tried to hold a single one-handed sword, and found myself automatically equipping every other one-handed weapon I tried to pick up. In the early stages of the game dual wielding isn’t much more damaging than simply using one one-handed weapon, since the hit rate isn’t that much faster with two weapons than with one. That will change later, of course, since there are a variety of skills to boost the Barbarian’s dual weapon abilities scattered through the three skill trees.

Skill Trees and Signature Skills

Reviewing the Barbarian skill trees, which are now online and covered in great detail (18+ skills in each) in the wiki, it’s possible to gain more insight into the D3 Team’s overall design goal.

Battlemaster Tree
Berserker Tree
Juggernaut Tree

Jay Wilson (and others) have repeatedly stated that they intend players to (regularly) use 6-8 active skills on their character in D3. These active skills will be supported by numerous passive skills, and the game and interface are designed to compliment each other. There are 6 belt spots (which can hold skills or potions to drink, along with the right mouse button, left mouse button, and tab. This gives a character up to 9 buttons that will provide instant access to a skill or spell. Likely players will want to store some potions or other items in some slots of their belt, but that seems to be a designed trade off.

Most of the skills in each tree are passive. As the trees are now formed (they are very subject to change), each tier has 4 or 5 skills, of which just 1 or 2 are active. The Barbarian’s active skills are mostly melee attacks and war cry-like spells that serve to boost the his abilities or to cripple his enemies. These active skills are all enhanced in various ways by the passives. Low level skills are designed to be used throughout the game, though how they will scale up to remain viable isn’t yet known. Long term, it looks like most Barbarians will pick one tree to spend most of their points in, and use 4 or 5 active skills from that tree, while supporting them with a variety of passives. Especially useful passives from the lower tiers of other trees will probably be mixed in as well. Active skills from other trees seem like they’ll be less useful, since there will not be enough skill points to load up the passives required to enhance those borrowed active skills.

It’s also interesting to compare our early skill lists to the signature skills the D3 team has demonstrated at various panels at the WWI and BlizzCon. Surprisingly, virtually every one of the Barbarian’s active skills has profiled by Jay Wilson or some other D3 Team member, though this becomes less surprising when you consider how few active skills there are on the trees. There’s no guarantee things will remain this way through to the final game, of course. The D3 Team’s goal seems to be to develop 10 or 12 top quality active skills for each character, spread them throughout the 3 skill trees, and let players pick and choose. The team could think up more skills, but as they’ve stressed in the Signature Skills demonstrations, they want the D3 characters to have powerful, impressive, memorable abilities. And they want to make all of these abilities useful long term, whether though scaling with Clvl, multiple skill points in the active skill, or tweaking of the bonuses provided by the passives.

Skills of Note

Read over all the skills yourself, when you’ve got the time. They’re listed with their names, locations, and some commentary on each. That’s the best way to get a feel for the character design. That said, here are a few of the more interesting ones.

Attack Rating: One thing that’s glaring, in its omission, is Attack Rating. While there are at least 20 Barbarian skills that boost damage, there are zero that boost to/hit.. Damage is boosted by many skills, and in many ways. There are straight damage increases, +damage to all the skills in a tree, +damage to one or two particular skills, +critical hit damage and frequency, and much more. Yet nothing boosts Attack Rating, or to/hit, or whatever they’re calling it in D3. It’s not just Barbarian skills either—there are no values listed for to/hit in the character window. Perhaps AR is a hidden stat now, or based on Clvl, or boosted solely by equipment, or any/all of the above, but it hasn’t been implemented into the game yet, or wasn’t for the BlizzCon build. If anyone bumps into Jay Wilson, feel free to bring this one up.

Shield Specialization: Not a very impressive skill, but the description hints at at major change from D2. This skill is said to increase the % chance to block, and the amount of damage blocked. So shields in D3 don’t block 100% of the damage anymore? Just some amount of it, an amount that increases with shield type and the appropriate shield skill? This remains to be confirmed.

Deliberate Defense: This skill boosts the Barbarian’s armor when he lands a successful critical hit. D3 barbarians are truly designed to thrive in combat. Hit enemies with devastating critical strikes, and raise your defense in the process.

Death Proof: Probably the most controversial skill the Barbarian possesses; this one works as a sort of auto-resurrection. The changes this would bring to the balance of character power in Hardcore is hard to underestimate. Here’s the description, as best it could be read from the skill hover. "The barbarian overcomes death. Upon receiving fatal damage the Barbarian is kept alive and gains back 30% of his maximum hit points. The effect can not occur more than every 300 seconds."

Stubborn: This one lets the Barbarian resist "all slowing effects." So there will be a lot of such effects, we can assume?

Revenge: This skill is an offensive war cry (Actually a ground stomp, but same thing.) that has a % chance to hit every monster in range with 100% of the Barbarian’s weapon damage, as well as granting him 2% of his maximum health for everything hit. Better than life leech? Best used in a mob?

Bad Temper: Reduces Fury drain by 3% at level one. There’s no telling if players will find this worth investing in, or if it’ll just be easier to get Fury drain reduced on equipment, or simply to ignore the property and concentrate on better techniques to harvest more fury as soon as possible as a new battle begins.

Enrage: A sort of companion to Bad Temper, Enrage is a buff that increases the Fury gained for a short time, but also increases the damage the Barbarian takes during that same time.

Savage: Another Fury-booster from the Berserker Tree; this one increases all Fury generation for X seconds after scoring a critical hit. And yes, there are passives that increase the odds of landing a critical.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the skill trees we now see are far from complete. Even if there are no skills added or removed from now until the game is released (a laughably unlikely scenario), the levels and requirements and stats of all the skills we now see are likely to be tweaked and modified all throughout the design process. There were only Tier 1, 5, 10, and 15 skills at Blizzcon, and only Tier 1 and 5 were usable, but clearly characters won’t access the last skills in the game at level 15, or even 20 (there was another tier in the skill trees, but with no skills listed on it). More skills will be added, existing skills will be moved up or down the tree, and many, many changes will be made, both to prime functions and to minor figures.

New Environmental Art

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New Screens, Art


28-06-'08 - Opening tweede deel Diablo3 topic nog aan flinke updates onderhevig.
29-06-'08 - Sectie Content toegevoegd.
30-06-'08 - Sectie Algemene Info uitgebreid. Plaatje van Witch doctor gefixed. Sectie Aanvullende Info toegevoegd. Topic over 2 posts verdeeld.
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03-07-'08 - Aanvullende Info sectie vernieuwd/updated. Character Classes aangevuld.
25-07-'08 - Wallpaper toegevoegd aan de Content Sectie.
04-08-'08 - Fixed Skills links gelukkig door iemand op photobucket gezet. Skills UI pic niet kunnen redden.
15-08-'08 - Nieuwe Wallpaper toegevoegd.
05-09-'08 - Diablo Timeline aan de links sectie toegevoegd andere updates volgen later. News Updates Sectie toegevoegd, alle updates bij elkaar!
20-10-'08 - Character: Wizard toegevoegd + Skilltrees ipv skills.
29-10-'08 - Nieuwe screens toegevoegd!

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Koekjes schreef op donderdag 30 oktober 2008 @ 14:05:
Ik ben benieuwd of die sfeer ook echt zo is als ze beschrijven. Met doom 3 voor de pc werd ik er ook helemaal ingezogen. Was gewoon uniek om met de lichten uit en het geluid aan te spelen. Vooral met de zaklamp wat zoeken naar zombies. Het zal wel niet zo aanwezig zijn als in Doom 3 maar ik ben benieuwd wat voor gevoel je krijgt als je door die dungeons loopt. Ik heb al wel verschillende filmpjes gezien op de diablo 3 website waar ze dan in een dungeon liepen maar is dit dan ook de uiteindelijke sfeer? Of zullen ze dit nog meer tweaken? Met tweaken bedoel ik een meer 'donkere' sfeer.
De sfeer zal ongeveer vergelijkbaar zijn met onderstaande foto:

People are just like trees. They fall down when you hit them mutiple times with an axe.


Tyreal is moving!
This could be an indicator of upcoming content additions, or just a small graphics update, but the “wings” of Tyrael on the official Diablo 3 site has transformed from elegant white “tentacles” to fiery, smoky tendrils. Seeing as how the Diablo 3 logo got some pulsating smoke emanating from behind it, it could very well just be a web graphics update, but it’s still interesting to speculate if it’s “just” that or possibly a major change coming up…
Old Tyreal

New Tyreal

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What Happens When You Die?
Bashiok: We had a checkpoint system in the BlizzCon demo we showed, where you would die and pop back up at the last chekpoint you came across. Some of that was for the convenience of the demo, but we do like the checkpoint system and intend to carry that forward in the same or similar form. We're not looking toward corpse retrieval currently.

Any death system we do have needs to allow players to get back into the action quickly, but not be so meaningless that you're just flinging your corpse against a wall of monsters over and over until you finally get through.

A fan asks a follow-up question on how far apart checkpoints will be. MEaning really asking how much downtime a death will be for a player.

Bashiok: That all comes down to balancing, and probably the specific Act/dungeon itself. No way to know right now.

Media Update: December
Dungeon Entrance PalaceCaldeum

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Niet veel gaande dezer dagen maar toch wel een nieuwe artwork die mijn attentie trok.
New Witch Doctor Artwork

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Diablo III Death Knight Class?
At BlizzCon 2008, Blizzard announced the new Diablo III class: The Wizard. We were able to play the game demo at the Anaheim Covention Center, with three classes available including the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor. The Wizard looked like a merge of the Assassin and Sorceress class. The Witch Doctor seems to take traits of the Necromancer with the Wall of Zombies.

This makes me wonder if the remaining classes to be announced will be mock ups of the previous classes, merging some of their traits and skills. One of our fans, jgoldcaptain, tried to convince me of a possible new class based on some sketches shown within Deckard_Cain’s_Journal. A Paladin-like concept art in full armor, a large sword and winged-spaulders. There is another sketch showing a Warrior with skeletal spaulders, and curiously, his chestplate resembles that of Tyrael in the front page of the Diablo III website.

Paladins followed the Light.
The Knights of Westmarch who felled the armies of mighty Leoric are pure at heart and closely follow the teachings of Zakarum, the Religion of the Light. A battle-ready warrior for whom faith is a shield, the Paladin fights for what he believes to be right. His steadfastness gives him powers to bestow blessings to his friends and wreak cruel justice on foes. There are those who call the Paladin an overwrought zealot, but others recognize in him the strength and goodness of the Light.

Traits and Abilities
Paladins use holy magic as gifted by the High Heavens. They maintain strictly ordered lives, constantly upholding the cause of Virtue and Light. They must never succumb to worldly temptations lest they risk being deceived into following “false lights” - demons masquerading as Heavenly beings.
Paladins may use their skills to increase their prowess with sword and shield, as well as cast blessing “Auras” on themselves and to any who join them. They are particularly skilled against the undead, as they know many holy incantations effective against these types of creatures.

Assuming there is a connection between this Paladin-like sketch’s breastplate and Tyrael, we could assume that with Tyrael corrupted (if he is corrupted), the paladins of the Light may have been corrupted as well? Would this Zealot class be some sort of Death Knight equivalent with healing and curse abilities? ... In Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy, Sanctuary’s humanity is revealed to be descendants of the progeny of rebel angels and demons with Rathma being the son of Angel Inarius and Lilith. After Lilith betrayed Inarius by attempting to control their progeny - as a ultimate weapon against Heaven, Inarius modified the Worldstone to depower their children. As time passed, Humans came to be. With the Worldstone destroyed, it is possible that humans might slowly recover their angel and demon ancestry’s latent powers. Thus, we might expect darker versions of previous Classes.

Ruined City of Ureh
It is intriguing that Cain’s Journal ends with a concept art of Ureh, followed by an uncomplete sketch of the Diablo III logo. Only the fiery III shows up, as if at some point the logo will be updated to slowly reveal the “Diablo” part. This brings to me a vibe of a puzzle.

This is what is told on the last page of Cain’s Journal:
It seems we are cursed. Even in victory, we face defeat. Although the heroes destroyed Baal, the angel Tyrael has delivered grave news. An object of great power that he calls the Worldstone was held in secret at the mountain’s summit, and it had been corrupted by Baal. He believes the only option open to him is to destroy it. I know too little of this Worldstone and what powers it may hold to guess what might come of this, but I fear our actions may scar the world in ways we cannot know. I pray Tyrael is making the right choice.

As soon as you turn this last page, you see the concept art of Ureh and the uncomplete logo of Diablo III. Could we have been hinted here by any chance? Could the destruction of the Worldstone have weakened Sanctuary’s shield leaving it open to both Heaven and Hell? In Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy by Richard A. Knaak, the Worldstone was originally atoned by Angel Inarius to shield Santuary’s presence from Heaven and Hell, effectively cloaking it from being discovered by both planes. With the Worldstone destroyed, the shield protecting Sanctuary has been torn away like a veil. Could this have caused Ureh to have shifted back into the physical plane with the Worldstone’s barrier protecting Sanctuary gone?
Other thoughts coming to mind, at the end of Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow, the crystals of Light and Shadow built by the King were destroyed. This killed the King, but his daughter is still alive, or better said unliving, within ethereal Ureh. The destruction of the crystals hurled ethereal Ureh back to its limbo plane between Heaven and Hell. One thing is unaccounted for, however. Whatever happened to Quov Tsin, the greedy Vizjerei mage? He is trapped within ethereael Ureh. With over 20 years of isolation, Quov Tsin might have learned enough from Ureh’s library to attempt to shift Ureh back to the physical plane. However, Tyrael may have inadvertently easened up the task by destroying the Worldstone. What terrors await adventurers within the halls of Ureh?

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Professioneel Pierewaaier

Tsja ik moet zeggen erg leuk bedacht allemaal en het zou best wel eens kunnen kloppen maar het is en blijft speculeren. Ik heb zelf de boeken van diablo gelezen (sinwars, Legacy of blood, The black road, ben met de rest bezig) en het zou inderdaad leuk zijn als ze verder gingen borduren op deze verhaallijn.

MAAR, 1 ding is de beste schrijver vergeten. Sinwars speeld zich af 3000 jaar voor Tristram in de as werd gelegd in de games Diablo 1 en vervolgens Diablo 2. Wat ik uit het bovenstaant schrijven opmaak is dat de schrijver denkt dat Diablo 3 verder zou gaan waar Sinwars ophield. Dat lijkt mij nogal vergezocht. Het klinkt logischer dat Diablo 3 verder gaat waar Diablo 2 LoD gestopt is of in ieder geval een X aantal jaar erna. Dit strookt ook met de uitlatingen van Blizzard, namelijk dat Diablo 3 het verhaal afsluit.

Ps. ik vindt de breastplate uit de sketch bij lange na niet op de breastplate van Tyreal lijken. Eerder op een stuk bot met een oog erin.


FF lopen bladeren op en daar vindt ik echter wel weer een plaatje van een deadknight achtige dude met een breastplate die wat meer op die van Tyrael lijkt. Of dit nou wat zegt? Denk dat het nog steeds gissen is.

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FloydRaalte schreef op donderdag 22 januari 2009 @ 13:16:
Ps. ik vindt de breastplate uit de sketch bij lange na niet op de breastplate van Tyreal lijken. Eerder op een stuk bot met een oog erin.

Het gaat om deze artwork, niet degene in jouw plaatje.

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Media Update: January

Waarom verpesten ze die wallpapers altijd zo met tekst en logo's?
Zo ongelooflijk jammer het is echt een mooi plaatje, gaan ze er weer zo'n dikke balk met "Blizzard" eronder plakken.

Yo momma is so stupid, she thinks a lightsaber has fewer calories.

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Media Update: February
Bestiary: Unburied
Something is dreadfully wrong. Fear is in the air; I can feel it. I was but days out of Tristram when I saw a screaming ball of flame rip across the sky. Surely enough, soon after witnessing this harbinger of doom, I stumbled upon a badly mangled traveler. He was barely able to spit out the tale of the cursed monstrosity responsible for his broken body as his life drifted away. He called his killer "the unburied".

Months ago, when I wrote of the undead blight upon our land, I thought them the gravest of threats. But they are nothing compared to the new undead creature described to me by this poor fellow.

He was a law officer of sorts, a local guard out looking into the depraved handiwork of a crazed individual, the sort we seem to be seeing more and more of in these dark days. When the guard happened upon a mass grave dug by this sick fool, a massive, horned, disgusting behemoth was digging itself out. The dying traveler described this loathsome beast – or, as he termed it, the unburied – as being comprised of bloated parts from many fetid, rotting corpses, with a multitude of disfigured heads and slobbering fanged mouths. He was fortunate that day, but when he returned with several men to help him deal with the creature, they found to their horror that the undead spawn was too much for even their combined efforts. They fought valiantly to the last man, sacrificing themselves to keep the beast from rampaging across the countryside and taking who knows how many innocent lives. He was the last survivor, and before he passed on, he proudly told me that they were successful in eradicating the foul unburied creature.

Being born out of pits of human misery, these beings feed on human suffering. Wherever bodies are dumped together unceremoniously, the unburied may rise. I cannot help but wonder if this be some sort of cosmic justice for our inhumanity to our fellow man. But what is the catalyst? What animates these things? What makes them so horrendously different from the run-of-the-mill zombies or "normal" skeletal undead?

Some days I truly feel that the end of humanity must be at hand. Certainly our world is home to assorted disturbing and unsettling creatures, but every dawn seems to bring news of more wretchedness we must endure as a people. The darkness is coming, my friends: mark my words.

Bashiok: The Unburied is formed by the fusion of soil, rock, human bodies and angry souls. The spikes that jut from its body are shards of stone ripped from the earth during the development of the creature.


Bashiok on Unburied
I was looking at the new Unburied screenshots, namely this one.

On his own, the Unburied looks pretty cool. When there are three or four standing next to each other, exactly identical, it looks kind of less-amazing. What I want to know is can there possibly be a RANDOM generation of features on mobs (particularly big ones like this guy where you really notice it) such as the position/number of spikes on his back, the size and shape of head and limbs, etc?

Bashiok: Well to be perfectly honest all of these shots are set up. Generally you're probably not going to run into that many at one time. So a couple dispersed within a sea of every other monster, you don't see the stark repetition. I don't think normal spawning conditions would have that many facing you at once, especially because they're kind of tough.

As far as having randomized creatures... mmm... it would take a lot of work but of course it wouldn't be impossible. The question is though, does that massive undertaking just to make sure a creature doesn't look the same as the one next to it matter when they're dead within a matter of seconds? Probably not.

Or a more important question is, how many unique types of monsters do we cut from the final game so this guy doesn't always have an arm in the same place?
The stark reality of production schedules! They give me nightmares too.

There will be creature variations, but it's not quite the same as randomization of body parts.

Bashiok on Elemental Weapon Effects
The enchanted weapons are just a joke. Don’t get me wrong I think that they should leave the flame, lightning and cold weapon animations. There just needs to be variety of effects for different levels of damage that a weapon does. ...cold damage - 1-10 weapon glows blue, 11-25 weapon leaves a blue trail, 25-50 weapon leaves frost trail, 51+ weapon has constant frost + trail (what we saw in gameplay demo) and similar for all enchanted items. Its a little ridiculous when an maul does 1-5 fire damage is on fire….just looks too over the top. The effects should be more varied plus it would add some identification for multiplayer and for just add more depth to the game…not to mention give you something to strive for weapon wise.

Bashiok: That’s actually exactly what we have. The elemental effects seen in the video were, at the time, the most “powerful” versions of each effect to make sure they were noticeable. And of course, they were certainly not final.

WoT Profile | Noobmeter - kyozu | Youtube channel | Livestream


Bashiok on Sound Effects
A fan objected to the potion-y sound of health orbs, and gave Bashiok a chance to remind everyone of a key fact about Diablo III at this point; it’s not done yet!

Bashiok: I don’t believe any videos exist that show the health globes or play the sound they make when you pick them up as they exist now. The globes have a more gothicy-type look to them, sort of like a censer in a way? But with a big glowing red ball in the middle. And the sound they make when you pick them up is a more resonant “ka-thoonk”.

When there’s a lot going on around your character it could be easy to lose sight of a health globe, so keeping them very visible is important. Also you want to know when you’re being healed so a prominent sound is very necessary. Most of the time there’s so much carnage going on, a monster could drop a globe on top of you and you wouldn’t even know you had picked it up if it weren’t for the sound. It all works really well, you’ll have to trust me.

(Also yeah, I think the old sound was pretty much a stealgrab of the potion sound in Diablo II)

Bashiok on Hells
Elsewhere, someone unclear on the game lore and asked if the NPC crying, “What in the hells!?” at the 10:05 point of the WWI gameplay movie was a misplaced plural. As Bashiok alludes to in his answer, the cosmology of Diablo specifies High Heavens and Burning Hells.

Bashiok: Sancturians have a lot of hells.

Bashiok on Orbs
Finally, some sharp-eyed fan spotted a gleam of light in the lower right corner of this shot (caption freshly updated), and asked if it was an item. Winner!

Bashiok: Correct. It is a dropped item. A wizard off-hand orb.

WoT Profile | Noobmeter - kyozu | Youtube channel | Livestream

  • megazinetom
  • Registratie: November 2007
  • Laatst online: 24-11-2018
psychodude schreef op donderdag 02 april 2009 @ 08:47:

Zal aan mij liggen maar zeker ivm de blizzcon '08 shots zie ik het enkel verder van de WoW look afgaan. Zo'n beetje de enige overeenkomst op het moment welk mij zo snel opvalt is het hebben van een skill bar, hardly een wow thing.
Misschien hardly een WoW ding, maar het is zeker wel een "blizzard touch", hoe je het ook went of keert, bijde games zijn van Blizzard, zowaar van verschillende teams, maar daar gaat het niet om. Voor zover ik mij herinner leken de graphics van Warcraft I en II ook verdacht veel op die van Diablo I, betekent niet dat het om een soortgelijke game gaat, integendeel, het gaat zelfs om 2 totaal verschillende genres.
Nog zoiets is het feit dat in Warcraft III heel veel RPG elementen waren ingevoegd, heroes, items, etc. Is dit iets negatiefs? Nee integendeel, het voegt juist doe aan de formule. En zoals je in veel interviews ziet met de ontwikkelaars van Diablo III, ze proberen zo veel mogelijk goed bedachte elementen samen te gooien in een grote soepketel om een mooi spel te maken. Daarbij is het ook nog eens handig dat ze elementen uit andere games van blizzard kunnen gebruiken die goed werken. Zo dus ook uit WoW en Starcraft, waarom zou je een gloeilamp uitvinden als die al bestaat? Skillbars zijn gewoon canon geworden in RPG spelen, net als items, gold en trading.
Goed gejat is beter dan slecht bedacht, of hoe dat gezegde ook gaat, trouwens, sommige monsters hebben ook heel veel weg van de monsters uit Titan Quest:

D3 Profile -


Bashiok Behind the Scenes of the WWI Demo
Bashiok made an interesting post today in which he related some behind the scenes info about how the Diablo III team creates and records those cool gameplay demos. A fan commented on the first Diablo III gameplay movie, the one released last June at the Paris WWI event. That video ends with that epic battle between the four heroes and the gigantic Siegebreaker Assault Beast in the graveyard. That’s not the first time Siegebreaker is seen in the movie, though.

Prior to his big entrance in the cemetery, Siegebreaker can be seen several times in the dungeon that the Barbarian explores. He’s visible stomping around in the misty background after what seems to be an earthquake, and more dramatically when he punches through a wall and yanks a hapless NPC to his doom. That happens at the 10 minute mark, and while you’ll probably need to pause and advance frame by frame to see Siegebreaker’s claw actually grab the NPC (as I did to get the series of shots on this page), it’s clear what happened from the overall presentation and from the frightened archer NPC crying, “What in the hells was that?” (Bashiok made a comment on the “hells” reference in a previous forum post.)

To we fans watching such a movie, it seems like a cool little quest event, and is hopefully an indication of the sorts of scripted events we’ll see in the final game. To the design crew though, it’s a tricky element to capture in the middle of a long movie. As Bashiok explained today:

Bashiok: It is indeed the siegebreaker’s giant hand that grabs him. It was an extremely difficult and trying shot to create and capture. The way the interior and exterior sections were set up and shot it made it necessary to capture them uncut.

The hand shot just wasn’t working that well, so we’d tweak it, hope that the physics would move the debris properly. Shoot, it didn’t work right. Tweak it again, reshoot the entire interior run, something else might go wrong, etc. Over and over. In the end we had to settle with what would appear to most as a wall collapse simply because we didn’t have time before the announcement to keep tweaking it and reshooting everything to make it more clear that it was a hand busting through the wall and grabbing him. Especially when the one we went with had some very perfect moments in it (zombie corpse landing on railing).

I’m glad that someone caught it though, a lot of work went into those animations, and unfortunately we just ran out of time to showcase them.

Bashiok brings out something that’s easy to overlook. That demo isn’t just a bunch of clips of cool action tidbits edited together. It’s actually more than 10 minutes of solid, straight, uncut, unedited gameplay. Clearly they ran through the dungeon multiple times, and they were tweaking the parameters of events and monster spawning locations and stats and everything else in between each run, to maximize the cool stuff that got into the movie, but that’s still one “game,” as we might see in the final product. As was the 7 minutes of outdoor, multiplayer action that followed the opening dungeon section.

Bashiok Answers
Why does the Fury wheel change graphics?
Bashiok: The screenshots were taken on two different builds. The graphic layer behind the fury meter was broken for a while, and the screenshots show it being broken and also when it was fixed. So they don’t quite match up.

After confirming his guess (the same one we made on the Interface page) about the six control buttons, Bashiok explained why the Party button was grayed out.
Bashiok: The name for that button, as it was at BlizzCon, is “Social”. It’s not implemented, so it’s grayed out.

What’s up with the tiny icon in the lower right, next to the gold display?
Bashiok: Ah, yeah. Jay caught that too. It’s just one of many little issues you can spot in the screenshots that are due to left over/old UI elements commingling with new ones. Two different visual indications of currency next to each other. Oh well.

[Voor 12% gewijzigd door psychoclown op 03-04-2009 11:29]

WoT Profile | Noobmeter - kyozu | Youtube channel | Livestream

Haha dit is TE gaaf er is nu gewoon al een mod voor Diablo 3, you won't believe it!

Diablo III Rainbow Mod
A sneak preview of a Diablo III mod is now online, and it’s pretty spectacular. The screenshots below show off some of the features of the RUHC (Rainbows, Unicorns, and Happy Clouds) Mod, and you can see more on the mod’s website…

Okay, not really. In actuality it’s just a funny website called, which has a neat little script that automates the process of adding various rainbows, happy clouds, my little ponies, unicorns, and other cute sticker art to any image you might choose to upload. I chose some Diablo III artwork, for obvious reasons.

WoT Profile | Noobmeter - kyozu | Youtube channel | Livestream

  • 0Henk 'm!


Diablo III Bestiary: The Fallen Ones
Bashiok hinted recently a Bestiary Update was nearby, and it was true. The Fallen Ones have finally taken the spotlight. The Fallen Ones have a master ... Azmodan the Lord of Sin, one of the Lesser of the Seven Great Evils of the Burning Hells. There are five types of Fallen Ones:

* Imps - These are the commonest of the fallen family of demons. They are the stereotypical fallen ones in look and behavior: small, red, swarming, bloodthirsty, and cowardly.
* Shaman - Fallen shaman priests lead camps of fallen. I have also heard it rumored that they possess the ability to raise imps from the dead!
* Lunatic - These enraged, oversized fallen creatures are bloated seemingly to the point of bursting, an impression buttressed by the fact that these insane demons rush their intended victims and then stab themselves until they explode. A more fitting name could not be found for these maniacal beings.
* Overseer - The fallen overseer drives his smaller impish charges into a frenzy with his ape-like leaping and growling. An overseer among a group of fallen is a dangerous thing, as the cowardice that usually characterizes them is overwhelmed by fear of their much larger brethren.
* Hounds - These slobbering abominations are commonly found among groups of the fallen and are utilized as guard animals, beasts of burden, or even food by their demonic masters. These beasts are loyal to a fault, regardless of the abuse heaped upon them.

Bashiok: The Diablo III bestiary has been updated with a demon family you may recognize - The Fallen Ones!

“When unleashed upon our realm by their master, Azmodan, these impish terrors display a tendency to swarm like flesh-hungry locusts, and they have been known to tear apart a sleeping village in minutes. Small of stature and simian in appearance, these creatures possess surprising strength and unnatural agility. Other than feasting on human flesh, the only act that gives these unspeakable horrors pleasure is breeding; hence the tendency to encounter them in large packs.”

Visit for the full bestiary update, including concept art, screen shots, and video!

Diablo III Bestiary: The Fallen Ones Artwork
The Fallen Ones: Imp
The Fallen Ones: Shaman
The Fallen Ones: Lunatic
The Fallen Ones: Overseer
The Fallen Ones: Hounds

WoT Profile | Noobmeter - kyozu | Youtube channel | Livestream

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Build from the Cloud up! | Battletag: NightFly#2112

  • Angeloonie
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Ter info: het beeldje voor D3 is nu te pre-orderen:

Normale editie:

Speciale editie:

*O* *O*

Mijn pre-order bevestiging, uiteraard de speciale editie:

Uplay: Angeloonie - Battletag: Angeloonie#2758 - Steam: Angeloonie

  • 0Henk 'm!

Anoniem: 155599

Angeloonie schreef op zondag 21 juni 2009 @ 11:54:
En hoe weet jij hoe die er uit zien? :+

Mocht ik het beeld zat zijn, dan kan ik hem met dikke winst verkopen. Kijk maar naar het Tychus Findlay beeld van StarCraft II, die gaat nu voor dik 2x de aanschafprijs over de toonbank..
Geen idee, maar dit idee kreeg ik erbij


Monster Health Display Changed
Bashiok replied to a player who was unhappy with the health bars and name tags appearing over the heads of every monster. The fan thinks they’re distracting and unnecessary.
Bashiok: I think we essentially agree with you. The floaty ‘above creature’ health bars raised a few different concerns and they’ve since been changed. Health bars for uniques and bosses are displayed at the top, and health bars for everything else are displayed at the bottom (both stationary). It works well, it’s all out of the way but still accessible if needed and more importantly you can keep an eye on boss/unique health as well as any lesser minions you happen to be fighting.

Oude situatie


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Professioneel Pierewaaier

Helemaal gelijk!!! Best verwarrend soms :P

If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.

  • FloydRaalte
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Professioneel Pierewaaier

Pensmaster-B schreef op woensdag 24 juni 2009 @ 18:37:

Is het save-haven ( waar de verkopers etc zitten ) in act 4 een stuk Sanctuary ?
en dus ook het enige stukje Sanctuary wat je ziet ? of..... hebben we Sanctuary nog nooit gezien ?
Was voor mij ook wel vaag, heb het ff opgezocht en het "stukje" sanctuary wat je bedoeld is het Pandemonium Fortress. Wat ook wel "the last bastion of heaven" of "The last sanctuary" wordt genoemd.

Dan heb je dus de wereld die ook Sanctuary heet:

Dan is er nog Arcane Sanctuary:

En als laatst (volgens mij) hebben we nog The Choas Sanctuary, Diablo's pitoreske onderkomen:

If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.

  • FloydRaalte
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Professioneel Pierewaaier

Ik hoop stiekem op een character in de sfeer een fallen Knight. Dus een Tyreal maar dan zonder zijn godelijke powers. En anders een van de dark kinghts. In diablo 1 is er een quest met Lachdanan ofzo... hij was een Knight of King Leoric en is later ingelijft als een van diablo's wachters.

In de lore op D3 pagina zie het volgende plaatje wat er wel een beetje op lijkt.
Heeft veel weg van een Angel die overgelopen is naar de dark side. Fallen Angels ofzo.
Check die clipped wings. Zelfs die armor "gaten" op zijn borst lijken op Tyreals armor.

[Voor 33% gewijzigd door FloydRaalte op 26-06-2009 19:33]

If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.

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