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Philips nieuwe 2008 LCD's 7600, 7400, 5000 en 3000 series

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Philips heeft op de CES 2008 veel nieuwe producten getoond, waaronder de nieuwe LCD tv's die komend voorjaar uitkomen. Het gaat om de 7600 series 7400 series 5000 series en 3000 series.

Voor veel foto's en filmpjes zie:

Voor meer info 7x00 series zie:
Philips heeft op de CES een nieuwe serie HDTV's onthuld: de 7000 FlatTV-lijn met beeldschermgroottes variërend van 19 tot 52 inch. De Philips Ultimate Dream 52PFL7603D HDTV maakt gebruik van de nieuwste LED Ambilight-technologie van Philips en heeft een reactiestijd van 3ms en een beelddiagonaal van 52 inch.

De 7000 FlatTV-lijn is uitgerust met PHD Digital Natural Motion-technologie (HD DNM) en Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC). Deze technieken moeten zorgen voor soepelere, meer natuurlijke en scherpere bewegende beelden. Voorts zijn de tv's ook nog voorzien van de 120Hz ClearLCD-technologie, goed voor een vermindering van bewegingsartefacten en betere schaduwdetails en zwartniveaus.

Wat het geluid betreft, bieden de nieuw Philips-tv's het zogeheten 'Invisible Sound System' met geïntegreerde wOOx subwoofer.
Philips has announced the 7000 FlatTV™ line at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ranging from 19 to 52 inches (diagonal), and features a rounded edge surrounded by an acrylic edge, which not only gives the set a less rigid look but also enhances the sets technology. The processing, sound, connectivity and design all work in concert to create the ultimate viewing experience.

Leading the series is the Ultimate Dream TV (52PFL7603D), a recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award.

A New Look

While Philips has long been recognized for its sleek design, this new design collection truly stands out as something different in the marketplace. Philips conducted extensive research with consumers to find out what they really wanted. The response was that consumers feel that most televisions look the same and they miss products that are "outstanding." Consumers share a desire for products with a simpler and more approachable, softer and more sophisticated design.
"The introduction of our premier FlatTV line will strengthen our offerings in the fast-growing, large-screen HDTV market," said Stewart Muller, president of Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. "Starting from the first glance, these sets will stand apart from everything on the market due to their striking design and uniquely curved bezel. Consumers can look forward to an unparalleled viewing experience thanks to the unique combination of exceptional picture quality and design at an attractive price level."

The new design collection delivers on that need with a design that is minimalist, emotional, and recognizable and led by the 7000 series. Consumers will also notice the absence of a speaker grill, which makes the sleek, black bezel continuous around the set for a more minimalist look. The sound is actually powered from the back and carried out throughout the acrylic flare around the set - enveloping consumers in deep, rich sound. The end result is a TV that actually is part of your environment - superior performance packed in a design that is truly like no other.

Deeper Blacks, Sharper Movements
The addition of 120Hz ClearLCD™ technology improves the shadow detail and black levels in dark scenes while greatly diminishing motion artifacts. Philips' 120Hz ClearLCD technology provides razor-sharp moving images with an ultra-fast motion response time of two milliseconds. By doubling the picture refresh rate from the standard 60Hz, these sets deliver swift, streak-free action - elevating image quality and clarity.

Smoother Images
Philips has further refined the LCD with HD Digital Natural Motion™ technology (HD DNM), which eliminates the persistent juddering effects that appear with recorded movie content. Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology estimates motion in the picture and inserts compensated frames, resulting in a smoother, more natural picture and eye-popping sharpness. By smoothing the shaky visuals typically appearing in film content, this technology creates an unrivaled experience.

More Immersive
Combined with amazing picture performance, Philips' latest generation of LED Ambilight™ technology immerses and engages viewers like no other display. The advanced lighting feature - available on the 7603 series - captures the colors and action on the screen and provides well-balanced light behind the TV set. This leads to more relaxed viewing and eliminates the need for additional ambient lighting while watching television.

Incredible Sound
The new 7000 series features a unique invisible speaker system that delivers a powerful audio experience from a slim TV cabinet. Philips' Invisible Sound System™ integrates wOOx™ subwoofer with two dual-excursion passive radiator drivers to improve low frequency performance while concealing the speakers in a subtle, efficient design.

Clearer Choices
Calibrating picture settings is a breeze with Philips' simple, unique settings assistant feature. In a few easy steps, users can select their on-screen preferences with the left and right cursor buttons. By using a program similar to an eye test, viewers can select what they perceive as the best picture and sound. Choose initial preferences from the five split-screen samples and the television will make the changes and store them for future use.

Greater Connection
Forget compromised picture and sound quality caused by digital-to-analog conversions. The 7000 series offers four HDMI 1.3a inputs with built-in consumer electronics control (CEC) for the cleanest, clearest digital signal. Now users can hook-up as many as four HDMI devices while assured their sets are future-proof for further connectivity.

Recent research by the CEA estimates that approximately 30 percent of households have a TV set capable of displaying images at an HD resolution. The study also suggests that first-time purchasers will lead the charge in buying millions of HDTVs in the coming months. Philips meets this high demand for digital content with televisions designed completely with the end user in mind - simplicity, sophistication and style in a bold, future-proof package.

The 52PFL7603D HDTV will be available in May 2008 for $2,799. The 7000 FlatTV™ line, 7403 and 7603 series, (42"to 52"), ranges from $1699 to $2799.

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Anoniem: 220175 schreef op dinsdag 12 februari 2008 @ 16:17:

Die is niet voor de Europese markt.
Maar dat zal voor het contrast niks uitmaken.

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Anoniem: 12019 schreef op woensdag 13 februari 2008 @ 15:45:

Zelfde verhaal hier maar ik denk dat het nog wel ff duurt voordat de lcd's hier leverbaar zullen zijn,er is namelijk nog niks te vinden op de Philips site's.
In mijn openings-post staan anders twee links naar Philips-sites!

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IFA 2008 philips nieuws:

Philips 42PES0001H:



Aurea II 42pfl9903h


9700 Series

9600 series
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